Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is SponsoredReviews?

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There are several companies out there who pay you to write reviews on your blog and one of them is SponsoredReviews.

Once a blog has been submitted for inclusion, Sponsored Reviews will try to pull stats from different sources, like Technorati and Alexa, to calculate its ranking. The total ranking can be anywhere between 1 to 5 checkmarks. Based on that ranking, a suggested minimum bid price will be calculated and this can be used to open opportunities. You can also set the price for your blog's review, but remember that a higher price will limit the options available for you. For instance, the desired price of US$20 per review means that a blog cannot bid on offers with minimum rates higher than that.

However, if the advertiser still wants to secure your review despite the high price you set, they can approach you directly with a counter offer. You can accept that or reject it for a much better deal, which can take awhile.

Sponsored Reviews's bidding system is really a neat way to allow bloggers to directly negotiate rates with advertisers in order to maximize their earnings. Since they only take about 35 percent commission for their services, a blogger can earn around US$10 to 500+ a month. Their user interface is one of the better ones out there and the only drawback to their service is the lack of advertisers.

Once the offer has been accepted, blog post reviews is usually about 200 words long on average. The content requirement is that it must be of original material. This means no copy pasting from other reviews or from the advertiser's site.

The standard time to complete the review is normally about 7 days, but a reminder will be sent through email 3 days before its due to give the blogger a heads up. If the blogger accepts to write a review and does not deliver when the deadline ends, it can be used as a basis to have the account suspended. Postive reviews are suggested, but constructive criticism is also accepted. Rude or sarcastic write-ups about advertisers are not acceptable.

Disclosure is required in each post for the company, with a single line saying “This is a sponsored post”, or some other similar wording. However, lately, I noticed that more and more advertisers require bloggers not to disclose this information anymore.

One other perk Sponsored Reviews is their affiliate program. Earn up to US$175 per Advertiser and US$90 Per Blogger referred. Payouts are based on money spent by the advertiser and money earned by the blogger. See the chart below for payouts. Their average advertiser spends several hundred dollars so most referrals will be worth at least US$25 (according to their website).

Sponsored Reviews Affiliate ProgramI submitted two blogs last July 2008 for their approval and both passed their criteria, although Nesting Buddy took a few weeks more than Seek No More.

So far, the system of price setting is working out well for me and I made more money per review on Sponsored Reviews than anywhere else recently. Payments are made bi-weekly and your acocunt page will tell you when is the next payment be made.

If you did not get their approval on the initial screening, it could be because of the following reasons:

  1. Blog is too new and has poor stats, including little traffic and/or links.
  2. Blog has too much paid content and does not meet our 2:1 ratio rule.
  3. Blog was over-priced based on its stats and our suggested price.
  4. Blog is written in a foreign language and does not follow guidelines on how to properly submit.
Just try to improve on those factors and you will get their nod in the next scheduled screening.

If you think you have a good writing and researching skills, then you should try to take advantage of the offers from Sponsored Reviews. Whether you get their nod to be their reviewer or not, it is still to your advantage to put one of their ads on your site or a text link and make use of their referral bonuses. Can’t hurt to get an ad on your blog right?

The only problem I see so far is that some advertisers usually take a long time to review the bid offers. Maybe some advertisers are just not as dedicated to making this work as much as bloggers would like.

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