Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stocks to Consider in 2014

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When you are considering possible stock investment in 2014, you have to take a look at the past 12 months first. So far, 2013 have been fantastic for stockmarket investors, who have recognized strong gains as the global economy continued its recovery from the global financial crisis. Investors also benefited from low interest rates and the US Federal Reserve's stimulus program.

In that time, the S&P/ASX 200 climbed in excess of 14 percent and hit a fresh five-year high of 5457.3 points, with each of the major banks as well as various other blue chip stocks performing strongly.

Based on this past performance, it is time to use the available information and invest in the future. The signs in the early days of 2014 appear positive at this time.

US analysts have predicted that the S&P 500 could climb around 10 percent based on the performance of the past year. This is certainly a good sign for Australian investors, as there has been a strong positive correlation between Australia’s sharemarket and that of the US. Here are three companies that you might consider adding to your portfolio as the ASX 200 looks set to climb higher!

Collection House (ASX: CLH): The receivables management provider is currently trading in bargain territory at US$ 1.75 per share with a P/E ratio of just 12.4. The group continues to grow strongly, having reported a massive 23 percent increase in net profit after tax (NPAT) for the full year. Led by a strong management group, this company could certainly boost the value of your portfolio for years to come.

Newsat (ASX: NWT): This satellite communications company is set to launch the first of its Jabiru satellites this year, whereby a successful launch would substantially increase its earnings. Shares are currently trading at 44.5c each, giving it a market capitalization of US$ 263 million.

Quickflix (ASX: QFX): Quickflix represents a very risky investment that investors should approach with caution, only investing money they can afford to lose. Quickflix is an online movie company which offers a subscription to movies and TV shows as either DVDs or Blu-ray through the mail or streamed online. In its 10 years of existence, the company is yet to turn a profit and for this reason is described as 'Australia’s oldest start-up company'.

However, it has invested heavily for the future in streaming technology, which will become its primary source of revenue as demand for DVDs inevitably fades out. Shares are currently trading at just 1.3c each, giving Quickflix a market capitalization of just US$ 15 million. While it is a very risky investment, Quickflix might just have what it takes to propel your portfolio much higher in 2014!

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