Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gay-Themed "Dragon" Falls Further

Dragon 2
When something big falls, the shock can be heard for miles around the impact zone. This is what happened to DreamWork’s latest animated failure, ”How to Train Your Dragon 2" after it tried to inject gay-inspired lines in the dialogue.

With many parents still maintain that traditional culture that abhor the lewd acts espoused by the gay agenda, movie goers decided not to watch the animated film during its opening weekend. This led shares of DreamWorks Animation to sink miserably by about 12 in midday trading Monday (16 June 2014).

While the sequel earned about 14 percent more (US$ 50 million) during its opening weekend than did the original four years ago, it was still as much as US$ 15 million shy of Wall Street's expectations.

The US$ 145 million film can still turn a healthy profit if foreign markets are as strong as some predict, but lots of investors aren't sticking around to find out, judging from the stock's reaction and the way parents all over the world expressed disappointment by the producer and director to try and push their selfish and intolerant gay agenda into everyone’s throat.

With three-and-a-half hours of trading left, the stock was down US$ 3.15 to US$ 24.20 on volume of nearly three times higher than average. The film made US$ 16 million so far in more than 15 regions, but many do not expect the downward trend to stop anytime soon.

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