Monday, June 22, 2015

Peter Parker Will Always be White and Straight

Movie producers know that in order to get high return for their investment, there is only formula that they should follow. The film should feature a white straight character. In 2013, among the top-grossing films, 75 percent of the actors were white, with black actors making up 14 percent and Asian and Hispanic characters less than 5 percent.

For this reason, Spider-man will always be associated to Peter Parker and not any other character like Miles Morales.

A contractual agreement between Sony and Marvel details mandatory traits for both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. WikiLeaks released 276,394 files and emails from the Sony hack a few days ago, which revealed that Peter Parker must be white, straight, and live in New York City, Gawker reported.

There are different rules for the person who dons the suit and Parker himself—there is no race requirement for Spider-Man, although his heterosexuality is spelled out as well—but as Peter Parker has been the man behind the mask for the past decade of films, they’re one in the same. And for the past five films, with the Columbia Pictures trilogy and Sony’s two films, audiences have seen practically the same character.

While contracting traits of a make-believe person may seem more than a smidge biased, outdated, and limiting, choosing a straight white male to play a superhero is not surprising. Scan through the latest string of leads in blockbuster superhero movies: Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Superman, Batman — white men play them all. Meanwhile, superhero portrayed by black characters bomb at the box office, i.e. Spawn, Steel, Blade and Hancock.

Print versions of the comics have made a mockery of comic history with woman taking on the role of Thor this year and a black latino teen, Morales, wearing the Spidey suit for the past five years. All this to promote diversity at the expense of established white characters.

Most probably, people of colors know that developing a new superhero with darker skin will not earn anything substantial in theaters. Hence, the only option left is to take over roles meant for white actors.

One blogger aptly said:
"Peter Parker (Spider man) is straight, because his love interest is 'Mary Jane Watson'. This is what Stan Lee created the Spider Man character to be. Anything else, is not Spider Man. It's just a politically correct rip off."

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