Monday, July 27, 2015

Backlash Grows Against Illegal Filipino Behind Racist Show

A Filipino illegal alien is currently creating a stir in the United State after he made a documentary for the MTV that purposely tried to shame 'white people' and create a race war.

MTV’s outrageous new show entitled, "White People," which is being hosted and recorded by a Filipino unwanted alien named Jose Antonio Vargas, trended in Twitter after it was aired last 22 July. However, immediately after it was shown, it sparked a horde of haters.

Vargas thought that this victim mentality narrative was a huge hit when he thanked the public for watching and tweeting information about the show. Unfortunately, he forgot to check what the tweets were all about.

Some Twitter users accused MTV of "race baiting" and "whiteshaming." "Wow," wrote Ryan Wesley Smith, a 17-year-old Christian speechmaker with 120,000 followers. "Just watched @MTV's #WhitePeople docu. The most racially dividing thing I've ever seen. Really disheartening."

22h22 hours ago
Congratulations for creating more hate. Race should not matter either should gender, you start a war for your own goals.
  Jul 23
how much did u pay in U.S. taxes in '14? what have u paid 4 medical services since u have been here illegally?
Jul 22
This must be very exciting for a professional illegal alien like you, Jose.
Jul 22
It's only trending #1 because of the massive opposition you've encountered to your racist anti-white agenda.
Jul 22
You've started a race war, idiot.
Jul 22
So thinks ILLEGAL ALIEN didn't shame enough! All about division! The left is truly sick!
Jul 22
We're tweeting, not watching duffus
Jul 22
You're not even an american citizen you're an illegal.
Jul 22
praying for your deportation
Jul 22
You're welcome you low life illegal alien criminal.
Earlier, radio host Rush Limbaugh said the show was about promoting "white guilt," while WND's Bob Unruh highlighted a number of other individuals who were disgusted at the content of the trailer.

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