Thursday, July 23, 2015

Filipino Is Behind Racist Anti-White Documentary

Gay Vargas
When America talks about race issues, it always creates an unnatural stir and fans the flame of hatred and bigotry. And what could be more provoking than having an illegal immigrant causing the tension.

This is the case of MTV’s MTV’s controversial new show entitled, "White People," which is being hosted and recorded by a Filipino unwanted and illegal alien named Jose Antonio Vargas.

The show deliberately selected desperate white people in their most distressed situation and sobbing over their "white privilege." MTV claims that the documentary is not about publicly shaming white people, but then it failed to explain why they excluded successful Caucasians?

Vargas is recording white Americans in situations where they were forced to confront racial identity issues. But he deliberately chose only those that will embarrass their dominant race. For instance, he found a white man who attends a traditionally black college, teachers on a South Dakota reservation where resentment toward whites is palpable, a young Brooklyn man bewildered by the Asian immigrants on his block, a white man who teaches a college course on white privilege.

Worse, the show also featured interviewed Native Americans and black people who blame whites for their woes.

If this poor-excuse for a filmmaker wants controversy, then he gets one. But he should be prepared for a huge backlash which is definitely coming. The trailer for the show already receives over three times the amount of ‘thumbs down’ compared to ‘thumbs up’ on YouTube. The comments section (don’t be surprised if this gets disabled soon) is also filled with irate users slamming the show for racism, including numerous comments made by black people.

Some critics have also pounced on MTV. Rush Limbaugh's website proclaims, "MTV Documentary Shames White Youth." The conservative Breitbart news service headlined a story, "Dear Morons: You are Paying for an Illegal Alien's MTV White-Shaming Film." The "paying for" reference alludes to cable subscribers being required to pay for MTV as part of their service even if they don't necessarily want the network.

"So this is a documentary produced by an illegal immigrant that's going to run starting July 22nd on MTV on the problems white people have caused in America," Limbaugh said on his show last week. "Everybody's shaking their head in there, 'Oh, this is horrible, this is terrible.' Yeah, it is, but nobody is going to do anything about it."

Vargas is a Filipino illegal alien who was smuggled into the United States in 1993, and squatted here ever since. In 2011, he had a sudden attack of his gay conscience and the New York Times paid him handsomely to publish his pathetic confession.

What Vargas ought to do is make a documentary about the "privilege" that illegal immigrants like him receives from the American taxpayers without feeling any guilt about the dole-out. Filipinos have produced some very productive people in America today, but Vargas is not one of them.

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