Wednesday, July 29, 2015

X-Factor Needs Some Explaining

Before the season starts, X Factor bosses are facing a very big challenge questioning their integrity and the whole selection process.

It all started after several contestants on the show have complained about the treatment they received during the auditions process – with many claiming they were 'set up' and 'misled’. Not exactly the best start to the series, eh?

The Daily Star has reported how how several contestants – after receiving a full house of 'yeses’ from those messianic gods that are the X Factor judging panel – were later told that they weren’t necessarily going through to boot camp.

The paper also reports that an email has been sent to the wide-eyed hopefuls, warning them they might not make the cut. It is said to read:

"The standard of auditions has been very high this year and, with a limited number of places available at boot camp, sadly we cannot offer everyone who received a 'yes’ in their audition a place in the next stage of the competition."

"We are writing to inform you now as we want to be clear with you about the process and also to make sure that you do not book any travel for next week."
One contestant – so distraught by the whole situation - appeared to be calling for some sort of Salem-esque witch trial to bring the producers to justice.

Speaking to the paper, the as-of-yet unnamed contestant said:

"Now it seems my place on the show is still undecided. Contestants will not find out their fate until Saturday evening. I feel X Factor needs to be shamed for this shocking incident. They are playing with people’s lives."

Anyway, it is not the first bit of drama to hit show bosses this for a long time. Popbitch published a post from aspiring singer Cory Spedding, in which she revealed how producers contacted her, begged her to perform and strongly hinted at how she’d almost definitely get through.

Cory claims that the producers also forced her to sing a song she didn’t want to perform, and tried to 'big up’ the fact that her and Rita Ora went to school together. However, it all turned a bit sour. After seemingly smashing her audition, Cory described how:

"Simon basically turned around and said ‘To be honest, this is awkward and I don’t feel it is fair – I couldn’t put my trust in you, with this situation of you and Rita'…even though X Factor approached ME, even though [they] skipped 3 audition processes in order for me to be put in front of the judges… as well as telling me that the Rita thing would not go against me. Absolute SET UP."

"I was set up for a fall there and then.. And the song they demanded I sang – 'Wasn't the right song to sing' [according to Simon] even though I didn’t want it as my first choice but felt made to do it. Also a set up."
Sounds like the X Factor peeps have a little bit of explaining to do, right?

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