Thursday, August 6, 2015

One Man's Cooperation, One Blogging Opportunity

When a person owns a blog and consistently engaged their audience, there will come a time that the person will start to think about ways to make money from this daily routine. And the web is not lacking in providing solution to this growing dilemma.

There are currently hundreds of resources available online that offers variety of opportunities ranging from simple to the more complex arrangement. It is up to the blogger to decide which among these sites can match their needs and work best given their online lifestyle.

One of these sites offer a marketplace connecting brands with bloggers – Cooperatize.

The main ad unit that Cooperatize is using to transact is the sponsored blog post or sponsored story. Their basic technology connects brands at agencies with the bloggers that are in line with their target audience in their target market and they facilitate the process. Currently, they are working with over 4000 bloggers in the lifestyle, luxury and travel space.

Al Chen, co-founder of Cooperatize is committed to optimizing the reach of Native Advertising through blogs. He has an extensive background in digital, starting at Google, and when he created Cooperatize he decided that he wanted to change the way that advertising is done.

"It's easy to become a publisher. Now it's about being found. The idea behind Cooperatize is, let's provide you with content so you can stay relevant on social media and, when you publish something, we'll amplify that to other companies that need content. Somebody needs more eyeballs, and somebody out there needs more content," Chen said in an interview with Crain’s New York Business last September 2013.

"We matched a wedding company in Toronto with a jewelry company in New Jersey. The jewelry company published the wedding company's story. So now all the jewelry company's followers are clicking through to the wedding company's site. Same demographic. Noncompetitive," Chen added when asked about an example.

Cooperatize is an easy to use interface and bloggers can even log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Users can receive a task at any time, after they filled up their profile with all sorts of information like traffic, social media followers, and posts’ preferences.

Blogger’s sponsored post rate rise up depending on how complete is their profile or they can set it up on their own and because of this feature many bloggers really can’t do anything in order to get to an advertiser’s offer. They just have to wait for it.

To try and see if Cooperatize will work for you, try and register using this link. After that, give us your feedback.

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