Sunday, September 6, 2015

What Happened To Jimmy Olsen?

Jimmy Olsen
Can anybody describe how James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen looks like? He is a fictional character who appears mainly in DC Comics’ Superman stories.

Want some more clues, Olsen is a young photojournalist working for the Daily Planet. He is close friends with Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman, and has a good working relationship with his boss Perry White. Ring a bell now?

In the comics, Olsen was described as a freckle-faced red-head teenager. Kind of a dork. That is how everyone who follows the DC comics for decades know Olsen. But now, some "politically correct" (PC) overseer wants to change all that by transforming the character into a snappy dressing black dude.

CBS also tried to change his name from Jimmy Olsen to James Olsen probably to appease comic purists. In case the heat is thrown back at them, CBS could always deny that it is the "Jimmy Olsen" from DC comics and say that it is a different character.

CBS can spin however they want, but when they cast Mehcad Brooks, whose credits include “Necessary Roughness,” “True Blood” and “The Game,” in the role of James Olsen for their upcoming "Supergirl" show, comic fans know better than to follow the series.

There are other iteration made to hide the original character. The new black Olsen is now a photographer at CatCo, the media company where Kara (played by “Glee” veteran Melissa Benoist) works. He also wants to get into Supergirl's pants.

Really PC You FREAKS?!?

Spiderman has been killed off and replaced by a multiracial (black/hispanic) Spiderman. Superman has renounced his American citizenship. Green Lantern is gay. Perry white is black. Wonder woman may be gay. The new fantastic Four reboot had a black Johnny Storm and a white Sue Storm. And there's talk of changing Thor's sex. Archie is knocked off taking a bullet for a gay friend (was it Reggie or Jughead?).

And now there's talk of making Captain America black in the movies. This is what happens when liberals get in charge. They're not satisfied with creating their own set of diverse characters. They have to get in there and destroy our age-old icons.

While they are on the process of 'blackwashing' comic characters, why not make Olsen as an Arab girl with green hair and a prominent camel toe?
Oh sorry, hit the button on the slider remote by accident. Wrong universe.

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