Friday, November 27, 2015

"Fantastic Four 2" Was Shelved

Fantastic Four Flop
After the unprecedented debacle Fox's "Fantastic Four" this year, the studio has decided to possibly forego the planned sequel. Harsh critics were disappointed when Fox deviated from well established comic book canon and cast an African-American to play the part of the blue-eyed, blond and charismatic Johnny Storm.

According to, "Fantastic Four 2" has completely disappeared from Fox's slate of upcoming films with no specific reason given. Although it seems blatantly obvious that the studio wants to bury the disastrous feature and try to move past it, there hasn't been any word from Fox confirming or denying that reasoning.

It's also unclear as to whether the sequel won't happen at all or has just been delayed to a later date. Fantastic Four could be a big franchise for the studio and it would make sense to just wait a little longer before attempting to do it all over again.

However, the potential of the franchise was undermined by a couple of unpopular decision and for ignoring the criticism of comic purists. After learning not to underestimate the power of comic fanatics, Fox should reconsider giving Fantastic Four rights back to Marvel.

The sequel was originally scheduled to be released on 9 June 2017, putting it in direct competition with DC's "Wonder Woman," which will hit theaters on 23 June. Given a choice between the two superhero movies, it is obvious what the movie viewers will choose first and it's not a film about a team of four.

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