Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Six Reasons Why You Should Watch "Zoolander 2"

Zoolander 2
It’s back and everyone can’t wait to see it. After nearly 15 years, everyone is finally getting to see what "Zoolander 2" will look like.

The official trailer was released last 22 November by Paramount Pictures, and it made everyone watching it feel all the nostalgic feels for the classic comedy they still can't stop quoting. And it's really, really good looking.

There are several things why "Zoolander 2" is the most highly anticipated comedy in 2016 and they are as follows:
  1. To get back at the extremist liberals
    Less than one percent of the American population is calling for a boycott of "Zoolander 2" because they feel it made a "cartoonish mockery of androgyne, transgender and non-binary individuals that can lead to harmful perception of the LGBT."

    It is time to show this minuscule and arrogant group that, in the real world, everyone is making fun of hypocrites. Whatever happened to humor and poking fun? Kids these days, who grew up in 'Generation Me' don't seem to understand these concepts.

    Would they crucify Robin Williams if he had made "Mrs. Doubtfire" today?
  2. Derek Zoolander’s important question about lIfe
    The very first words out of Zoolander's mouth are, "If God exists, then why did he create ugly people?" He's a very deep thinker, you know.
  3. The sequel title confuses even Zoolander
    In the trailer, the follow-up flick was first written as "2oolander," which is brilliant – to everyone except the male model, who reads the movie name as "two-hundred-lander." An attempt to re-write it as "Zoolander II" only resulted in the pronunciation "eye eye." As Derek explains it, he can't read Roman numbers because he's "not Italian."

    We get it, Zoolander. Puns are hard.
  4. The Justin Bieber cameo
    Good food needs seasoning. Good baths need bubbles. And good movies about male models need Justin Bieber. It’s an undeniable truth.
  5. The return of Jacobim Mugatu
    It’s hard to pick one Will Ferrell performance to call his weirdest, but his villainous Mr. Mugatu comes pretty close.
  6. All leopard print, all the time
    Who needs a Canadian tuxedo when you can cover every inch of your body in animal print? Even Zoolander's tie matches his suit jacket and shirt, because of course it does.

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