Friday, March 4, 2016

Is "Young Justice" Coming Back?

Young Justice
What do we know about the animated series "Young Justice?" Everyone will agree that it was a spiritual successor of sorts to the popular "Teen Titans" animated series, following the adventures of Robin and other sidekicks as they struggled to work together outside of the shadow of the Justice League. The show ran for two seasons before it was canceled by Cartoon Network.

What we don't know is that there are rumors right now that the show might make a comeback. Netflix was reported to be thinking of reviving the show for at least one more season — and that sounds like good news to Brandon Vietti, the show's former showrunner.

Speaking with, Vietti explained he didn’t know if there was any hope for season 3. He followed the answer up by saying he’d be happy to do another season if it was renewed, however, saying that it was "absolutely" a drop-everything kind of project. Not only that, but other members of the show’s creative staff would be on board as well.
"I'd be happy to do another one; Greg [Weisman] would be; Phil Bourassa, the character designer. We'd all in a heartbeat come back to do a third season if the Powers-That-Be feel they want to do that."
Vietti also explained there was more planned for the show than what made it to air. Not only is there already enough material to go right to work on season 3, but there is material for additional seasons beyond it as well.
"I love that world. We were not done telling stories; we had tons of ideas for more seasons ready to go, so yeah, I’d love to get into it."
Part of the appeal of "Young Justice" was that it was a more mature take on the concept of sidekicks evolving into heroes who could stand on their own than other shows like Teen Titans.

The "Young Justice" team had to deal with established heroes not taking them seriously, putting pressure on them to not only save the day but also show their older partners they could be trusted to do so. Several major DC Comics villains showed up over the course of the show, as well as lesser-known characters who were still quite deadly.

Only time will tell whether "Young Justice" comes back for season 3. Fans should be glad to know that the series’ showrunner is hoping just as hard as they are for the show to get another chance, though. Between the creative team’s support and the enthusiasm of the fanbase, there’s always a chance.

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