Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio's Win Dominated Social Media

Leonardo DiCaprio 88th Oscars
Leonardo Di Caprio was a double winner when he took home the best actor prize in the 88th Oscars Academy Awards after missing out on five previous occasions.

Not only did the star of "The Revenant" receive the golden statue, his moment was also the most tweeted ever according to data from Twitter. Social media was ablaze as DiCaprio's win led to 440,000 tweets per minute, beating out the previous record of 255,000 Tweets per minute set in 2014 when Oscar host Ellen Degeneres tweeted a star-studded selfie that "broke the Internet."

Aside from DiCaprio’s long-awaited triumph, the evening’s other top tweeted moments included "Spotlight’s" surprise win in the best film category and "Mad Max: Fury Road" picking up the award for sound mixing, its sixth Oscar of the night.

Maybe nobody should really be surprised anymore why DiCaprio's moment was a trending topic. In the run-up to the Awards, DiCaprio has already owned the Best Actor competition. He has won the Screen Actors Guild Award, the BAFTA, and the Golden Globe.

Some risk-averse oddsmakers have set his Oscar line at 1 in 100, meaning DiCaprio's considered such a heavy favorite to claim the statuette for "The Revenant" that you’d have to bet US$ 100 to earn a single buck on a DiCaprio win.

Kate Winslet is a member of the Oscar club whose own victory for 2008’s "The Reader," after five previous nominations — and losses — was considered of the "it’s time, she deserves it" variety. She has been openly campaigning for her former, and forever, "Titanic" co-star.

"I think you can sort of feel it. And I think that everyone wants it for him, and it would be amazing," Winslet told Reuters. "I think you can sort of feel the temperature, it’s probably going to be Leo’s year."

Though a relatively spry at 41, DiCaprio has been losing at the Oscars for more than 20 years. He was first nominated at age 19 for "What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?" He was famously not nominated for "Titanic" (and "Gangs of New York," "Catch Me if You Can," and "The Departed").

He was denied for his crowd- and critic-pleasing work in "The Wolf of Wall Street," losing to "Dallas Buyers Club" star Matthew McConaughey, an actor with his own compelling comeback storyline.

In all, DiCaprio has nothing to show — yet — for five career Oscar nominations. In awards-show parlance, as in baseball parlance, he's due. He's Julia Roberts, claiming her triumphant "Erin Brockovich" trophy (at an even sprier 33). He's Denzel Washington, "finally" taking that Best Actor statuette (after an earlier Best Supporting Actor win) for "Training Day." He’s Julianne Moore, breaking her own 0-for-4 Oscar losing streak with a victory for the "Still Alice" movie.

"I think there is a definite cumulative effect," says Glenn Whipp, who covers awards season for the Los Angeles Times. "Like when [DiCaprio] won the Golden Globe, the ovation he received in that room was second only to [Sylvester] Stallone’s in terms of heartfelt 'It's great to see [him] winning.'"

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