Thursday, May 26, 2016

Failed Attempt To Change Captain America's Gender Preference

Captain America and Scarlet With
Fags are just really dying for attention these days and will do what they can to ram their agenda into everyone's throat. If not marriage, it's the bathroom. If it's not comic characters, it's the movie version of it.

And what better medium to spread incalculable immorality than the recent movie hit, "Captain America: Civil War."

Last 24 May, gays sparked the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, which they tried to spread among their dying ilk to ensure that it trends on Twitter. They thought that Captain America could be their poster boy.

Just because Captain America shows loyalty and compassion to a childhood friend and army buddy like millions of people have in history and still do, they already thought he's gay? The whole premise is pretty closed-minded and prejudiced. Close friendship does not automatically mean romance. Bucky is his best friend. Nothing else.

These poor excuse for human beings ignored the fact that Captain America has been portrayed for more than 50 years as a straight and patriotic man fighting for freedom around the world and loved several women, such as law student Bernie Rosenthal; special agent Sharon Carter; Rachel Leighton aka Diamondback; the resistance fighter Peggy Carter and General's daughter Betsy Ross.

There is also the near-miss relationship between Captain America and Scarlet Witch and then there's also Captain America and Black Widow.

With strategies like this, no wonder many do not respect the LGBT's gender preferences. They also don't respect Captain America's.

For all the gays out there, better luck next time. Why don't you focus on the very few gay Marvel comic characters who are NOT doing well selling its agenda. Sound business decision will always make producers shun any gay character in a superhero movies.

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