Monday, May 2, 2016

"The Punisher" Series Gets Green Light

The Punisher
After season 2 of the "Daredevil" series on Netflix, rumors have swirled for many months about a possible spinoff. A few days ago, everyone got the official announcement: Marvel and Netflix have officially greenlit "The Punisher" live-action series.

To date, the Marvel-Netflix team-up has been a roaring success, delivering a remarkable first season of "Daredevil," an amazing best-show-on-TV season of "Jessica Jones," and a second season of "Daredevil" that lives up to the greatness of the premiere outing. These shows have been the "god-tier" of superhero television, akin to the status of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy within superhero cinema.

A teaser trailer for "The Punisher" was just released.

With "Luke Cage" already on the way next, a third season of "Daredevil" down the road, a second season of "Jessica Jones" in the works, an "Iron Fist" show in development, and a "Defenders" team-up series for all of these characters as the endgame miniseries concept, Punisher joins an already-impressive array of characters expanding the MCU-TV world to the point it has almost as many solo franchises as the cinematic MCU to date.

The foundational concept of Netflix’s corner of the MCU is that it's more grounded, gritty, and grownup than the family-friendly feature fare — "grounded" meaning a stronger sense of realism in the fights, relationships, and world; "gritty" meaning noirish and rougher in the depiction of street life, graphic violence, and moral ambiguities; and "grownup" meaning holy crap is there a lot of sex and profanity.

That current approach has worked perfectly as the flip side of the cinematic universe’s more all-ages appeal, giving viewers a wide array of options for tone, style, characterization, and perspective for the larger MCU. With the newly announced " The Punisher" series, Marvel takes another big step down that road.

"The Punisher" is one of Marvel’s most grounded, gritty, and grownup characters, since he's a crazy vigilante who mass-murders criminals in stories full of bloody conflict, organized crime, and lots of seedy underworld lifestyles.

The most authentic Punisher comics that truly embraced the character concept were the MAX series, an adults-only series with gory killing, nudity, sex, and uncensored profanity. It was hard-R comic storytelling, and it serves as a perfect template for the type of high-quality crime stories to which "The Punisher" Netflix series can and should aspire.

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