Thursday, July 7, 2016

Can You Swarm Traffic To Your Blog?

Traffic Swarm
Like many bloggers, this writer is trying to get high-quality targeted visitors to this site and many will agree that the process is one of the "hardest" things to do. It is even more difficult for small businesses and online marketers because majority of popular site promotion strategies either take up a lot of time, cost a lot of money, or are too risky. This is the reason why the offer of Traffic Swarm appears very attractive even if the concept sounds simplistic.

Bloggers are basically being paid a certain amount of credits or points just to click around the Traffic Swarm websites. It is like getting virtual money that bloggers can use for their own advertising so that their sites will be displayed when others start clicking around trying to earn credits.

The designers of Traffic Swarm even set up an anti-cheat program that prevents people from getting hundreds of free credits without actually doing any real clicking. They also have this timer that makes sure that the visitor is spending a certain amount of time on each of the other advertisers websites after they click on them. The system makes them wait for about 20 seconds before they can click again for more credits. If a blogger clicks before the 20 seconds is up, then nothing happens.

So what is the catch? After spending some time reading the various experiences of other bloggers with Traffic Swarm, it seems that it may have problems delivering what it promise for the simple reason that Traffic Swarm members have their hands full trying to promote their own site.

Take the case of one blogger (name withheld) who spends at least 60 hours clicking around the system to earn points. When a bunch of points were collected, that blogger decided to use all the points and see what kind of response rate the site will get from all the other people who decides to click on it. A tracking system was set-up on the URL and website to accurately monitor the amount of clicks and the amount of customers Traffic Swarm would bring me. Guess what happened next? That blogger did not get a single order from the Traffic Swarm visitors. Not one even if that blogger is a "Paid Pro Member."

The conclusion generated by other bloggers is that the problem with the Traffic Swarm system is that most members appears to be advertisers who are focused more on advertising their own websites than promote another. No data is available, but it may be safe to assume that advertiser who wants to generate credit will rarely read the websites they are clicking on.

Now given that conversion rates for Traffic Swarm are almost non existent for drawn out sales pages, it might be worth considering simplifying the lead capture page and place 10 -15 ads promoting the same page to build opt-in list. Bloggers and advertisers clicking the ads brainlessly to receive their credits will be more likely to sign up for a newsletter than to pay money for some product or service being promoted.

The lead capture page should be very simple and make the credit surfer want to sign up. To develop a good lead capture, bloggers will need to know the basics of html. It does not hurt having a simple page that offers something of value. One blogger suggested that an e-book or e-books with information is always attractive.

Another blogger suggested that it might be useful to let the visitors know what they will be getting when they sign up, quote the vale of the freebies and inform them how they will benefit from signing up or what they will miss out if they don't.

Hence, despite the limitations of Traffic Swarm, a blogger can still make use of what it can offer at no cost at all. All they need to do to try to follow what others have suggested or develop their own system to get a good number of subscribers, even if they are not buyers.

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  1. This is a really good idea that I hadn’t heard. As a matter of fact, you have some good blogs going on here.