Monday, July 18, 2016

Thousands Posed Naked for Climate Change

Naked Blue
Last 9 July, about 3,000 people stripped naked and gathered in the city center of Hull, U.K., as instructed by the American photographer Spencer Tunick, The Guardian reports. The volunteers arrived at 3:00 A.M. and helped paint each other four different shades of blue for the three-hour photo shoot.

Tunick is known for his "ambitious" pieces featuring large-scale nude shoots: This particular one was to represent the rising sea levels caused by climate change, Tunick told The Guardian.

"It's the idea that the bodies and humanity is flooding the streets," he explained. "The natural, soft vulnerable body that's up against the concrete world - it creates a dynamic that interests me."

The weather in Hull was reportedly not great, but that didn't stop anyone from participating. Tunick told the Daily Mail he couldn't "believe" the participants' resolve: "It was cold, it was chilly, people had to put lotion-like paint all over their bodies - every part."

Tunick's final photographs will be shown in a Hull gallery in 2017.

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