Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Guy Had The Guts To Criticize The "Doctor Strange" Movie

Singwah Lewis
Online forumers exploded recently when somebody who doesn't have the right to criticize the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in the movie "Doctor Strange" came out firing.

The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is being praised as a visual masterpiece and one of Marvel's best origin stories to date, but there was one critic who just can't over the fact that Swinton was the best thing that ever happened to the movie, whose performance even eclipse that of Benedict Cumberbach. The original character may be an Asian man in the comics, but whitewashing the character was one of the reasons why the movie skyrocketed to the top of the box office.

Despite the explanation from "Doctor Strange" that they wanted to do an original spin on The Ancient One, stop a mediocre actor from spreading his unpopular opinion. "Iron Fist" actor Lewis Singwah Tan opened up his negative opinion of Tilda Swinton's casting,

"I'm not the biggest fan of the casting choice. I can see why they wanted to switch it up. Producers, studios, directors, writers --- there's a lot of voices. I think that an Asian woman would've been fantastic cast in that. They said she would be too much of a 'Dragon Lady' or too stereotypical, but I disagree."
So, let us make this clear. Tan is upset that they cast a white woman in the "Doctor Strange" movie and yet, it was not long ago, when he expressed his desire to be the title character in Netflix's "Iron Fist" (who in the comics is white, not Asian). Apparently it's okay for an Asian to play a white comic book character but it's the end of the world if a white person plays an Asian comic book character. Hypocrisy at its finest

Ironically Tan is a guy who wants to drop his 'Singwah' name for just plain to Lewis is complaining about the whitewashing of a character in a movie. He even failed to notice that the movie cast a black guy as a white man.

There you go, folks. While many have been swayed regarding Tilda Swinton's casting, the issue isn't over because of some second rate actor has been deprive of an opportunity to showcase their culture's unimpressive acting repertoire. For those actors who have been personally affected by whitewashing, grow up and make your own movie where you are the star, director and producer. Let's see if it can even earn US$ 1k.

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