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Matt Damon in The Martian
During his interview with The Guardian, Matt Damon managed to say a lot of encouraging stuff about the lives of many actors who are not into this whole gay-thing-same-sex-agenda that is forcing everyone in Hollywood to swallow their crap.

Unlike many actors, he answers Elizabeth Day's questions with a reflective openness. There is a feeling that nothing is out of bounds. He is politically engaged – a Democrat, but also a critic of Barack Obama (he has spoken out about Obama’s education policies and questioned the legality of drone strikes) and says he’s deeply worried about the chasm between rich and poor in America in the aftermath of the economic crisis.

“That anger did not go away because none of these guys [the bankers] got prosecuted and they all have our money, and these houses in the Hamptons they live in – that they claim to have earned – are paid for with our money. I mean, that’s what happened! And so, I don’t know what the consequences for that kind of thing are.”

On the introduction of same-sex marriage in California in 2008, he had this to say:

"I think you’re a better actor the less people know about you period. And sexuality is a huge part of that. Whether you’re straight or gay, people shouldn’t know anything about your sexuality because that’s one of the mysteries that you should be able to play."
He speaks to the fact that certain parts of a person are okay to remain "unknown." It can heighten the intrigue and sometimes the elusive nature adds to the mystique of the actor. So many times when an actor is gay, people will say that they are ____ (fill in the blank with whatever characteristic you want) which is then attributed to their sexuality. All people are more than their defined sexuality- which is more appropriately a broad range and not a clearly defined concept.

On Hollywood's gravitating need to know if an actor is gay or not, Damon referred to Rupert Everett's recent career.

"I remember thinking and saying, Rupert Everett was openly gay and this guy — more handsome than anybody, a classically trained actor — it’s tough to make the argument that he didn’t take a hit for being out."
Damon just proved one cold hard fact about living in Hollywood. He is saying that Everett is one of the most handsome actors who has been classically trained (these are attributes which he is praising), yet, he has not garnered the attention or the success as other actors have. In his statement, it sounds like he is saying it's a shame that this man hasn't achieved what others have because he is more qualified and attractive. His open sexuality has been a roadblock.

In 2007, Forbes magazine named Damon as Hollywood’s most bankable actor, averaging US$ 29 in takings for every dollar he earned in a movie. From "Good Will Hunting" (which Damon co-wrote with Ben Affleck, winning the 1997 Oscar for best screenplay) and "Saving Private Ryan" to the big-budget Bourne movie franchise or the dystopian sci-fi fantasy "Elysium," he has a capacity to hint at a character’s inner complexity without ever veering into pretension. According to Manohla Dargis of the New York Times, Damon’s power lies in his ability “to recede into a film while also being fully present”.

His latest project is no exception. In "The Martian," directed by Ridley Scott and co-starring Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Kristen Wiig, Damon plays Mark Watney, a NASA astronaut who finds himself stranded on Mars after he is injured in a fierce storm and presumed dead by his crew.

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iPhone 6s MacBook
The members "Legends of Tomorrow" is comprised of heroes and villains from the present day, but with the help of Time Master Rip Hunter, they will be traveling a lot through time to stop main antagonist Vandal Savage at various points in history.

So far, leaks did not reveal what they will encounter during their temporal adventures, but now a report revealed one of the first people they’ll be meeting, and it won’t be in the most friendliest of environments. It has been announced the "Mr. Robot" actress Stephanie Corneliussen will be playing Valentina Vostok, whom comic book fans may know better as Negative Woman, for multiple episodes of the superhero series.

"Legends of Tomorrow’s" Valentina is described as a "gifted and beautiful Soviet physicist" that will do whatever it takes to defend the "Motherland," according to TV Line. When the eponymous team travels back to the height of the Cold War, they will meet Valentina and suspect she’s in league with Vandal Savage to build a secret weapon. It will be up to The Atom and Captain Cold to win her heart in order to find out where her true loyalties lie and prevent her from completing this weapon, which could turn the tide of the Cold War.

In the comics, Valentina was a Soviet Air Force pilot who attempted to defect to the United States. Unfortunately, the experimental aircraft she stole ended up crashing at the same spot where the original superhero team The Doom Patrol had perished in battle. Valentina was subsequently infused with energy that came from team member Negative Man, only while her male predecessor was able to generate an energy being (called a "soul self") from out of his own body, she would actually transform herself into that same type of being. Calling herself Negative Woman, she joined a new iteration of the Doom Patrol, but years later when Negative Man was discovered to still be alive, the energy that inhabited her body went back to him and she was left powerless.

It doesn't sound like Valentina will have any unique abilities on "Legends of Tomorrow," though maybe an accident involving that mysterious weapon will somehow alter her physical state. If she’s anything like her comic book counterpart, at least fans can take comfort knowing that she won't be hanging out with Vandal Savage for long, though it sounds like Atom and Captain Cold will have their work cut out for them trying to sway her.

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Legroom Adjustable Seats
Based on the latest application of Engineering firm B/E Aerospace for a patent, the issue about cramp airline seat will soon be a thing of the past.

According to reports from the Telegraph, B/E Aerospace has filed a patent for a "legroom adjustable" seat design that allows flight attendants to move a seat forward or back depending on the size of a passenger.

The seats, which will all have moveable wheels, sit on rail tracks lining the aircraft floor. If a taller man or woman is seated in front of a child, for example, the cabin crew will have the ability to move an occupant’s seat several inches back via smartphone or tablet, allowing for extra legroom.

But the new invention may lead to complications of its own. Passengers would be required to inform airlines of their height at check-in meaning some may fudge the numbers to secure more seat space.

Still the designers believe this configuration could revolutionize the current “one size fits all” model for modern air travel, which they see as outdated.

“While passengers come in many sizes, children, adolescents, adults, men, women and with large height differentials within these categories, seat spacing in the main cabin of passenger aircraft is generally uniform except at exit rows,” the designers stated in their patent application, submitted in November 2014.

“The one size fits all seating arrangement can cause discomfort for tall passengers, while a child or relatively small adult may be seated in an identical seat at the seat pitch, with more than ample leg room and in relative comfort.”

A controversial device called the Knee Defender – a set of detachable rubber grips that prevent passengers from reclining into the space of the user behind them- caused a serious inflight incident that led to the grounding of a United Airlines flight in 2014. Several major U.S. carriers including Delta, United and American Airlines prohibit use of the device.

The legroom adjustable seat, however, leaves the final spatial arrangement to the discretion of crew members, not individual passengers.

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Kelly Brook
it is always pays to be extra careful when surfing the web because nobody should expect viruses to take a rest and skip you as one of their targets, especially one who is smitten with Kelly Brook.

Web scammers use the promise of Kelly Brook content to lure unsuspecting people to virus-laden websites more than any other celebrity, according to the security experts over at McAfee.

Every year, they put together a list of the celebrities that scammers have been using most and Kelly Brook gets the dubious honor of coming top.

Intel Security's report also identified Brook as the most famous name in popular culture, and analysed how many search results linked to them actually led to websites containing malicious software and viruses.

In second place is Katie Price, followed by Nick Grimshaw, Rita Ora and Victoria Beckham. Now that’s a supergroup we’d pay to see.

Intel Security's Nick Viney said: "The desire for consumers to have access to the latest celebrity gossip can often make them vulnerable to cybercrime.

"Most consumers are unaware of the potential risks they are exposing themselves to by clicking on sites that provide them with the latest news and entertainment. But cyber-criminals are quick to exploit this desire for breaking celebrity news, leading consumers to sites that download harmful malware onto devices and steal their private data."

Last year, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, previously Cole, nee Tweedy, was the most dangerous celebrity to Google but she’s dropped drastically to 18th place in 2015. McAfee reckons this is down to her new surname.

X Factor judges past and present tend to be high on the hitlist, although arch overlord Simon Cowell doesn’t make an appearance on the list at all.

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Kate Mara
Nobody wants to relieve their failures, more so if that person is an artist who takes their craft very seriously. It is, therefore, not surprising to hear about Hollywood actors disown their part when a movie falls hard in the box office ratings.

Take the case of an actress who admitted that she still hasn't watched her most recent movie, which happens to be one of the most critically panned box office bombs of the summer, it reads less like a mere Thespian Quirk and more like another giant LOL heaped on the movie's growing trash pile.

In an interview with the Times, Kate Mara revealed that, despite making up one-fourth of the titular superhero group as Sue Storm, she still hasn't seen "Fantastic Four". And she didn't mince words about why she hasn't: it's definitely because of the bad reviews.

In a way, Mara’s answer confirms the suspicion that stars regularly walk red carpet premieres only to skip the actual premiere.

Mara also addressed director Josh Trank's infamous tweet regarding the movie, calling it "highly disappointing" and clarifying: "It was a tricky shoot, but you know… When you know when you’re shooting it that a film isn’t going to be what you want it to be? That was not the case at all." Pretty classy, considering most of the on-set tension rumors specifically highlighted Trank being rude towards her.

But then again, either Kate Mara is taking the “politically correct” road with her comments because she likes work and doesn't want to be blacklisted like Trank probably is, or she really has no idea just how trash the film ended up being. She later adds that she's "bummed because [she and rumored bf co-star Jamie Bell] have no idea if we'll ever make another one."

One advice to Mara, read the original source material first before signing into a film that totally ignores the origins of the characters, including their race.

Watch the film and pray that you don't, Kate, even as Simon Kinberg tries in vain to make it happen.

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