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Deadpool's Inviting Pose

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When you think about Ryan Reynolds, forget about his role in the "Green Lantern" movie first. Don't even think about the two gorgeous women he married, Scarlett Johansson from 2008 until they divorced in 2011 and Blake Lively whom he married in 2012.

When you think about Ryan Reynolds, think about things he can bring to the next Marvel X-Men installment - Deadpool. And since he was cast as to play the main character in the self-titled movie, the Canadian actor has been ecstatic.

"We can't believe that somebody cut a check to let us make this movie. Although they cut a very small check because it doesn't have the catering budget of most 'X-Men' movies, but it's still cool," Reynolds told HuffPost Entertainment.

"We're just at the crest of our first week so it's been amazing, actually. It's been a long time coming, but it doesn't come with that kind of attitude. A core group of people have been developing this for the last five years and we're all just very giddy at this point," he added.

So far, Reynolds has become a one-man PR machine for the upcoming "Deadpool" movie. He even tweet tweeted out the first look at the full costume.

The suit looks great, and the film's story is an interesting one; leaked test footage led to the studio greenlighting the film, to the point that Reynolds himself went on the record to express regret at not having leaked it himself.

"I was excited, because you can look back at an email chain from all of us, the core group involved in Deadpool, saying 'We should leak this, f—-,' like three years ago," Reynolds told Yahoo Movies.

"Saying, 'Hey, if this thing is going to stagnate, one of us should just say 'Whoops, I slipped it online by accident. And nobody seemed to want to nut up and do that, myself included. Someone did it for us, years later, when we all completely assumed it was dead in the water," Reynolds added.

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How Nintendo's New 3DS Came About

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Nintendo 3DS
Do you know that the "super-stable" 3D featured in the New 3DS was a last minute addition. It only came at the behest of legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed.

"I think you're probably familiar with the tales of how, in the late stages of development, Mr. Miyamoto always upends the tea table," Iwata told Time. "So a similar thing happened this time. The hardware developers had designed a piece of hardware that they felt was at the final stage of prototyping, and they were bringing it to us for approval to begin moving forward with plans for manufacturing. But Mr. Miyamoto had seen that super-stable 3D just one week before, and he asked, 'Why aren't we putting that in this system? If we don't put this in it, there's no point in making the system.'"

Super-stable 3D allows the player to move his or her head without disrupting the glasses-free 3D effect on the system's upper screen. This corrects one of the major problems with the original 3DS (and 3DS XL), where the 3D only worked when the player's eyes were directly lined up with the screen--an especially problematic proposition when playing games that use the 3DS' gyroscope.

While super-stable 3D did end up making it into the system - which launched in Japan last October and then last month in North America and Europe - it didn't come without Nintendo's engineers repeatedly asking Iwata whether it was really something they were going to add.

"But Nintendo is a company of Kyoto craftsman, and what we don't want to do, is if we know we can make something better, we don't want to leave that behind," Iwata said. "So we were able to bring the super-stable 3D to reality by looking technically at what we can do to solve those challenges and finding those steps along the way to make it happen. This is where my background in technology is quite helpful, because it means that the engineers can't trick me.”

Before becoming the president and CEO for Nintendo, Iwata worked as a developer at Kirby and Smash Bros. developer HAL Laboratory.

The New 3DS XL is now available for US$ 200, while the non-XL variant--which features removable faceplates--has not yet been released in the Americas.

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was reportedly working on a Surface device, a new l0w-end tablet that will succeed the discontinued Surface 2 and compete more aggressively and directly against industry leader - Apple iPad.

According to WinBeta, this tablet fixes a big problem with the earlier versions: it will run the full version of Microsoft's latest operating system, which means it will run any Windows software that runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 and, eventually Windows 10.

It was also claimed that the new tablet is ditching the low-power ARM-based processor (which are in the the iPad and most Android tablets), and the special-purpose version of Windows created for that platform, known as Windows RT. That version of Windows couldn't run traditional Windows apps, which limited how useful those earlier tablets were.

Microsoft is going back to its old pal Intel for l0w-power processors using either an Intel ATOM or Intel Core M (WinBeta wasn't sure.)

The Surface 2 costs less than the Surface Pro line, which was more like a convertible laptop, but their lack of software was a problem. In 2013, Microsoft had to write down more than US$ 900 million in unsold inventory, mostly because of poor sales of the original Surface RT. Microsoft stopped selling the low end tablets and said that existing Surface 2 tablets would not be upgradeable to Windows 10.

The move left Microsoft without an affordable tablet in the Surface family because the low-end Surface models started at under US$ 500, while the Surface Pro line starts around US$ 800.

The new device is expected to be announced at Microsoft's big developer's conference, Build, in San Francisco on April 2015.

Interestingly, Windows on ARM isn't completely dead as a concept. Last February, Microsoft made a smart move and, for the first time, created a version of Windows for the little US$ 35 Raspberry Pi PC, a favorite with the "maker" crowd, those people who tinker with electronics to build fun and crazy stuff. These people have turned the Internet of Things (IoT) into a hobby.

The Raspberry version of Windows 10 could potentially be used to run on other tiny devices and give Microsoft game in the whole new multi-trillion dollar IoT market. The IoT is when everyday objects gets sensors, chips and apps and can join the internet.

And the reason why all of this is important: Microsoft has promised that Windows 10 will work like a single operating system that runs on every device and that apps built for one device will (more or less) run on others.

This is a core part of its strategy to make everyone "love Windows 10," as CEO Satya Nadella keeps saying. That's really important after how poorly Windows 8 was received.

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The Embarassing Reboot of FF4

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Rebooted FF4
The official Fantastic Four poster just came out and it aptly describes what the reboot is all about – embarrassing.

Looking back at the official posters of "The Avengers”; ”Iron Man”; ”Captain America” and even the previous two ”Fantastic Four” movies, you will see that they have one thing in common: the actors are not ashamed to face the public and show how they closely resemble the comic characters.

In the FF4 rebooted version, all four members of the team, Thing, Human Torch, Mr Fantastic, and Invisible Woman, are facing back and appeared to be looking at something pretty sinister. Each of the characters, aside from Reed, is showing off their powers in one way or another, and wait, is Thing not wearing any pants?

The poster is one of the final shots of the trailer, so technically, this really isn't offering anything new to the public, but it does put a lot of emphasis on how the producers tried to sneakily change the characters in the comics.

In an interview with Collider, Tobby Kebbell, the actor playing Doom, revealed that the origins for Doom had been altered. First off, his name was no longer Victor Von Doom, instead it was toned down to "Victor Domashev." Secondly, and most controversially, instead of being the ruler of the fictitious Eastern European country Latveria, Domashev would be portrayed as an anti-social computer programmer and blogger. If this is not enough to ruffle some feathers, then it could mean the end of comic production as we knew it.

The Internet and fans of the comics were right to be upset with this unquestionably toned down version of a very iconic super villain. How could they do this? Have they read anything at all about the various "Fantastic Four" versions produced by Marvel?

Casting Michael B. Jordan, a black actor, as Johnny Storm has also raised eyebrows considering that he is supposed to be Sue Storm's brother. How can a white blonde be biologically related to an African-American when the original story says otherwise?

If the first two films, released in 2005 and 2007, were considered as flops by critics, then this rebooted version should be worse.

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Peter Parker
Every comic fan and Marvel Universe follower can now heave a sigh of relief because Peter Parker may be back as Spider-Man in the "Captain America: Civil War."

Ever since it was announced that Spider-Man was swinging his way back over to Marvel to join the studio’s ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), there has been debate over which secret identity the web-slinger would assume. Some casual fans, who are very few in numbers, but are really loud, proposed that Marvel should transition over to Miles Morales or Ben Reilly.

The problem is that, those two characters do not have a big fan base. Go out and ask somebody in the street if they know who is the man behind the Spider-Man mask and most probably, or about 90 percent will say its Peter Parker, while 5 percent don’t know a thing, while the rest are for Team Miles.

The anti-Parker group may argue that they have enough of his struggles, of Uncle Ben’s death, of vintage villains like Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus and they don’t have to sit for another round of Spider-Man story. They don’t appreciate the fact that comic purists want to explore more of Peter Parker compared to his trying-hard copy-cats.

Also, with the possibility of featuring a younger Parker, moviegoers will not have to endure the story of Peter transforming into Spidey again. Marvel and the MCU will be able to hit the ground running, leading right in to the standalone movie scheduled for28 July 2017.

Besides, there’s so much more to Peter that hasn’t been explored, properly, in the Spider-Man movies. Parker's character was so inseparable from the identity of Spider-Man; his rivalries were personal, his real life issues were more connected to his identity than with most other heroes. He was the one comics character where everyone really think of him more as his civilian identity than they do his superhero identity.

While fielding questions from fans on his popular tumblr account, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, was asked if he’d seen any visual concepts or early designs for the 2017 Spider-Man movie now on Marvel’s slate. He also was asked what he thought was the "main things [he] feels is most important" to making a successful Spider-Man film. And in his answer, Quesada tipped his cards, stating:

"The trick to making any incarnation of Spider-Man great, whether comics, animation or film is Peter Parker. Get Peter’s character right and the rest falls into place.""
With that, Quesada just confirmed what was mentioned in the first Marvel press release regarding the studio’s deal with Sony Pictures: The next Spider-Man – and the first version of the character made under the umbrella of the MCU – will be Peter Parker. Quesada wasn’t prompted about Peter Parker, yet he name-dropped the identity of the classic character.

With Parker's return almost complete, everyone can’t wait to see how he’s portrayed in an actual, legitimate Marvel movie.

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