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Linux and Windows
Everyone knows that Windows dominates the Desktop operating system world, eclipsing Linux, Mac OSX and all others combined. However, that’s not the case when it comes to web servers, with Linux being the most popular. There are pros and cons for both systems, and the choice depends on one's specific requirements.

Firstly, what kind of development language or database are you planning to use? Universal languages such as HTML and CSS can be run from either Linux or Windows hosting systems, both can support MySQL databases, while Windows systems can only support Microsoft SQL, and generally the decision comes down to whether you’ll be using PHP or ASP to build your website.

Linux supports the most common languages and databases, including PHP, Perl, Python and CGI scripting, which are the standard for web pages that require podcasts, shopping carts, and blogging software such as WordPress.

Windows hosting is designed for users who will be using Microsoft’s ASP, ASP.NET, MSSQL or Access databases to backend their websites. It is possible to include such features as blogs and podcasts, and create a shopping cart, although ASP and ASP.NET applications typically require programming on your computer before they can be uploaded and used online. The operating system of your PC has little bearing on the web server software when building your site.

Linux web servers support almost all common proprietary software control panels, including Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, and Virtualmin Pro, while also supporting a myriad of open source control panels. Options for accessing Windows hosted control panels are fewer, with Plesk being the most common one, which offers only two open source options.

Linux is often considered to be safer than Windows from a security perspective, however, it depends more upon the server setup and the administrators running the server than the operating software itself. As long as the server is managed and maintained conscientiously, with the latest security and performance patches installed, as well as configured for optimal security by an expert, there is little difference between the two.

An important point to note is that Linux open source software, which enables it to be flexible and more customisable than a Windows web hosting system. This open source model also means that companies are not charged for using it on their servers, making it more cost effective. Hosting companies will pass on the cost of licensing Windows to the user, which will almost always makes it the more expensive option.

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Disappearing FB Posts Soon

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Disappearing FB Posts
There is current move right now within Facebook to adopt disappearing posts just like what Snapchat is doing.

It was reported that the feature that would let users set a time for their status updates to disappear. A Facebook spokesman said the feature is part of a "small pilot" and is available only for certain people using Facebook's iOS app.

Several users reported noticing the test on their iPhones. One post on Twitter showed a list of expiration options ranging from one hour to seven days.

It's not the first time that the social-network giant has tried to emulate emerging social media services designed to be used in the moment without leaving a permanent digital mark.

In 2012, Facebook toyed with the concept with a standalone app, Poke. Apparently coded in part by CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, the effort was described as something of a lark over a holiday weekend.

It was shut down this year and replaced by Slingshot, a similar app on which short-lived messages show up only once two users have sent them to each other.

The ephemeral has become increasingly alluring in the social-media world, particularly among younger users, in the past couple of years. The runaway success of Snapchat, which lets you send photos, texts or videos that disappear in a matter of seconds, has led the way.

The scheduled deletions on Facebook, as being considered, obviously have a longer shelf life than a few seconds. Users might also want to delete updates that would no longer be of use after a short time, i.e. "I'll be in Atlanta until noon tomorrow" or "I have two tickets for tonight's concert. Who wants to go?"

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Almost Nude Uniforms
By this time, the pubis-flaunting, almost pornographic-looking uniforms worn by a women's cycling team from Colombia in a race recently may have now become a topic of widespread and incredulous Internet mockery. But what the public does not know is that the controversial uniform may have been designed by a member of the team itself.

It appears the uniforms, which were rebuked online by the head of the international governing body for competitive cycling, were already in use for months prior to their moment of viral ignominy.

Several online reports identified the group wearing the uniforms as the Colombian national team, but the squad is a team called IDRD-Humana Bogota-San Mateo-Solgar, which is based in Colombia, according to a post from Colombia's cycling federation announcing the squad's participation in the Giro della Toscana race in Italy last weekend. It was during this race that the eyes — and judgment and laughter and derision — of the world turned onto the group of women from Colombia.

Here's a quick refresher if you're not up to speed. This whole ordeal is funny and fully submerged in the Internet news churn because a flesh-colored stripe on each uniform makes it look like the cyclists are kinda naked in the, um, middle region. See? Get it? Get it?!

To be clear, the team's uniforms (pictured above) were not see-through and did not expose any skin; rather, a wide, flesh-toned panel extended from mid-torso to the upper thighs.

The splurge of attention compelled Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) President Brian Cookson to chime in, deeming the duds "unacceptable.

Naturally, there was a need to identify the uniform designer who "must have climbed up the stupid and kicked away the ladder," as a Twitter user above so eloquently put it. It seems that person is team member Angie Tatiana Rojas, according to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

Carlos Orlando Ferreira Pinzón, president of Cycling League of Bogota, told El Tiempo that Rojas designed the uniforms, which were then approved by team sponsors and partners prior to production. Team coach Jorge Tenjo told the paper that the uniforms were pre-approved as well. The team is sponsored by a university in Bogota (San Mateo Educación Superior), the Solgar vitamin company and Bogota's district institute of sports and recreation (IDRD), per USA Today.

Among the IDRD, the university and Rojas, none immediately responded to Mashable's request for further comment, but an IDRD spokesperson contradicted what Pinzón and Tenjo told El Tiempo.

"We had nothing to do with the choice of uniform design for girls," IDRD spokeswoman Alejandra Maldonado told El Tiempo.

"Solgar Distributors often support sports related events," IDRD Vice President of Communications Andrea Staub told Mashable. She not elaborate on the uniforms themselves, however. "The sponsorship of the Colombian cycling team is aligned with our mission to provide consumers with top quality nutritional supplements to support their total health and well-being."

The UCI did not immediately respond to Mashable's request for further comment on Cookson classifying the uniforms as "unacceptable by any standard of decency."

But while the uniforms are now universally reviled, they don't seem to be new. Pinzón told Spanish news site ABC that they have been in use for nine months — but just recently became a subject of controversy.

Indeed, this photo, first pointed out by the cycling blog, shows the jerseys in use at a race in Colombia in early August.

So perhaps the real lesson here isn't that some tiny, obscure South American cycling team wears bizarre uniforms. No, perhaps the real lesson is that if you look funny in a public place — regardless of how, why or where — the Internet will find you. And it will mock you.

Consider this your final warning, humanity.

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Jamich iPhone 6
When you are in a brink of death, would you ask money to help fund your taste for luxurious products and brands or save up for more a more expensive treatment?

This question has bothered a lot of online posters who kept track of any developments on the famous local Youtube-couple “Jamich,” which stands for Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu.

Last March, the couple announced that Jamvhille Sebastian was battling stage 4 lung cancer. Liggayu, in an interview with Startalk, said she was devastated because they both found out about the diagnosis during her birthday.

Following the announcement, social media was abuzz and helped the couple cope up with the large amount of cost required for the treatment. Donors from all walks of lives gave what they can, while multi-national companies took advantage of their popularity by helping defray the cost.

However, the authors of video entitled "By Chance," are now getting bashed by the same social media platform that helped them endure the trials and challenges of the disease.

People are furious because of even after all the donations that they gave and all the fund-raising events they attended, asked by the couple and other fundraising events for Jam’s stage 4 Lung Cancer, Jamvhille Sebastian is still have the urge to buy the latest product from Apple, iPhone 6 Plus.
"Excited na ako mga pareee!! iPhone 6 plus! Tagal ko na hinhintay na maglabas ang Apple ng malaking screen ng iPhone. Ayaw ko kasi mag Samsung. Loyal iPhone user!! Sa wakas! Malapit lapit na! Astig din ung Apple Watch, parang cool kapag naka ganun ka pero di naman necessity. Sept. 19 lalabas sa US, dito sa Pinas, ewan lang. iPon para sa iPhone! Ikaw? Ano masasabi mo sa new iPhone? – Jam”

- Caption of Jam’s post on his excitement about the apple product.
What irked a lot of people is that he admits to being a loyal iPhone fan and that he doesn’t like Samsung yet they had previously asked for donations from their fans. Many of those who commented on that particular status said he should have kept his excitement to himself out of respect for those who had sent donations for his treatment.

According to The PH News, many donors felt cheated because they tried to share as much money as they can, some even foregoing purchases of expensive gadgets like iPhones or high-end Samsung phones just so they could spare him some money, yet here he goes bragging about being a loyal fan of the expensive Apple brand.

Jamich Critics

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The Vision Promo Art
Those who are following “The Avengers” movie know that Ultron will be their next adversary and it will take more than what Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye can dish out. They need more firepower. They need more friends. They need Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. And they need The Vision.

So far, moviegoers already had a glimpse on how Magneto’s children will look in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" and how James Spader will give Ultron a formidable look and feel. However, there were no hints yet about The Vision, until now.

Some new promotional art making the rounds online may have shed some light on how actor Paul Bettany will look as the character.

The image originally appeared on Instagram and was subsequently deleted, but not before various sites picked it up. The photo features an unidentified person standing in front of an "Age Of Ultron" banner with Vision prominently displayed facing the camera. (There’s also an enlarged version of the image focusing on Vision over at Ain’t It Cool News.)

A few months ago, Bettany offered some hints about his character’s origin, indicating that it’s not a coincidence that he plays both the voice of Tony Stark’s computerized assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. and The Vision. From the promo image that appeared online, it seems as if much of the character’s signature look has made the transition from page to screen, with only a few small elements (most notably, the high collar on his comics counterpart’s cape) being dropped for the film version of Vision.

"The Avengers: Age Of Ultron" is directed by Joss Whedon and hits worldwide theaters on 1 May 2015.

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