Thursday, May 8, 2014

Questions About "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Movie

Spider-Man 2 Questions
I believed that almost everyone who are fans and followers of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' would have swung into theaters by now and helped the movie generate a hefty US$ 92 million domestic box office in the US over the weekend.

Several people I talked to have mixed reaction about the whole storyline and how it led to the death of somebody important in Peter Parker’s life. There are those who come to expect it because it could pave the way for the entry of another character, while others wanted to milk it until the third sequel.

In any case, what was intriguing was the way the movie failed to answer several question and even made some ‘head-scratching’ scenes considering that they involved some highly intelligent individuals. There are several of these ‘questionable’ plots that my ten-year old can easily handle better than what the scene is asking from the actors, but I will focus only on the three major ones.

I want to warn readers that major SPOILERS are coming up.

The first of these questionable scenes involved the parents of Peter Parker, Richard and Mary Parker. They were on the verge of fleeing OSCORP with their findings and tried to make one last effort to protect Peter by hiding him with Ben and May Parker’s brownstone. Richard made a little recording just in case something bad happens to them where he is seen professing his love for Peter and explaining the reason for the ‘cloak and dagger’ move.

After that, the Richard’s brain shut off in the plane. All those Masteral and Doctorate degrees were blown out of the window like helium as if he is contracting aneurysm 30,000 feet inside a private jet. The plane is on auto-pilot, a lone gunman was down after a brief struggle that resulted in Mary being shot, but still alive. Richard did the only illogical thing a person in that situation could do and that is to live the unconscious gunman unhindered and the gun within reach. My son asked me why did he not just shot the culprit in the head, attend to his wife and radio in for help instead of allowing the gunman to recover and continue with his murderous rampage.

Second, after Harry Osborn freed Max Dillon aka Electro from prison and asked him for help in accessing the special projects room of OSCORP, he was still fairing his rubberized undies. A few minutes later in a scene where the two confronted the new company boss, Donald Menken, Electro is now wearing a customized rubberized suit that can dissipate into pure energy with the user and reform around the wearer to conveniently avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Where did that come from? Is OSCORP keeping that just in case a mad man with electric powers just came into being in the immediate and unforseable future? How did the tag team acquire that suit if they still have no access to the special projects room?

Lastly, when Electro was being held in a tank of water to suspend his powers, there were no visible breathing apparatus in the immediate vicinity. Has OSCORP develop a special kind of water that can help a person breath underwater? What’s the deal here?

Anyway, other questions revolved around the concept of a mechanical Rhino suit, the disease that infected all the Osborn heirs, the logic behind the underground subway car and the behaviour of Gwen Stacy and her family.

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