Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kim Kardashian Hogs Social Networking Sites ... Again

Kim Kardashian Nude
Social networking sites had their share of online nudity from famous exhibitionists and it appears it will be the same trend for years to come with the likes of Kim Kardashian West.

The is here to stay and preaching censorship isn’t dealing with the problem.

The reality star is set out to break the Internet once again - and she may have succeeded. She just shared a selfie on Twitter last 8 March 2016 wearing ... well ... nothing but a pout really.

The provocative photo caused a few disapproving members of the Twitterati to wade in with their tuppence worth, but it is not really suprising anymore, isn't it?

Kim’s latest offering is hardly controversial. Everyone have already seen her in her birthday suit, so why the big hoo haa? Her body is basically her currency - what she does with it is, quite literally, her business. Some women feel empowered by getting naked, others by protesting but nobody has the moral high ground to tell the other what to do.

If fat, unhealthy, flabby-looking women are looking to set their children and young people good goals and healthy examples they need to look closer to home - starting with online safety.

According to the Daily Mail, last year more than 60,000 naked teen selfies were removed by the Internet Watch Foundation.

The reality is, these professional oversharers aren’t going anywhere. Trying to ban and discourage them by mocking, shaming or otherwise isn't treating the cause, it's mollycoddling the symptoms of a culture that fetishises celebrities.

Whether egged on by their peers or influenced by the likes of Kim Kardashian West, the best anyone can do for the youth is accept the realities of the world around them and teach them to be smart about the way they handle themselves.

By the way, that was one good looking bathroom in the background.

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