Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Very Sensitive Mom in a Post-Partum Body

Overly Sensitive
The political correct (PC) crowd and their supporters are really funny in a sense that they always feel this need to massage the ego of some very sensitive people.

Take the case of Lexi Sinclair, who, four months ago, gave birth to a baby boy named Christian. She later went to the pool wearing a two-piece bikini with her little guy.

A nice lady struck a conversation with her and suggested that she may make some men uncomfortable with her choice of bathing suit because it exposes her post-partum marks around her tummy. From the looks of it, her belly button looks like a butt hole.

Guess what happened next? Sinclair was offended to the delight of the PC crowd who heard about her story and they are trying to spread it online and falsely claim its going viral.

Let us get this straight. Should she be able to go where she wants without being bothered, of course. Does that mean that if a lone idiot says something stupid that it should make national news?? No freaking way.

This is why Clint Eastwood called out the PC'ed Generation. It's not because the person who said this to the mom shouldn't have said what was an honest and frank suggestion, it's because the 'mom' was so offended by the notion that someone would dare call her out for wearing a bathing suit with her stomach hanging out that she needed to cry it from the highest rooftop, aka Instagram.

She put a nappy pic of herself on the internet and expected no one to respond negatively?

It is also idiotic to claim that it went "viral" over one crusty lady's comment to her. If she gets butt hurt by every comment she will hear throughout her life, she should have stayed indoors and live like a hermit.

Everyone gets old and everyone will get ickey. If they post their furry belly button on the internet, they should be ready for the s#itstorm of catcalls and jokes that will accompany it. That's part of growing up and realizing that this world can pretend to be as nice and congratulatory as they want it to be ... but the vast majority of it will be snickering behind their back.

There is one saying that is applicable in this case: "The world doesn't revolve around you, despite what articles like seem to indicate."

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