Thursday, January 26, 2017

What Trump Achieved That Obama's Couldn't?

Fat Marchers Meme
One hilarious meme came out from the Women's March held last 21 January. It was one of the most appropriate meme ever that best describes to those joining the march and what former First Lady Michele Obama had been doing in her eight years in office.

The meme caught fire and was shared by millions after Indiana state senator Jack Sandlin adopted it from the Facebook managed by Mike's Corner, a right-wing page that frequently shares cringing shots of feminism and liberal ideology to its 180,000 followers.

The meme, which references the historic size of Saturday's Women's March demonstrations and clearly showed that Michelle Obama failed disastrously in her Let's Move! campaign, an anti-obesity program.

Based on the heavy built of those who joined the march, there is more to do to get those fat slobs out of their office chairs and couches and into the streets and parks to get the much needed exercise. Those who shared in more than 360,000 times will probably agree that President Donald Trump should encourage more marches like this every weekend. After a year, those double chins will be gone.

Facebook users, meanwhile, are having loads of fun from this meme and praised Sandlin for his timely posts.

The Republican state senator is a former police officer and Army veteran who currently runs a private investigating firm. He is anti-abortion and a member of the NRA, according to Ballotpedia.

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