Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How To Spot Gays and Lesbians in Malaysia

Gay Bading
The tiny southeast Asian nation has found an innovative and funny way on how to spot 'unnatural' Malaysians in the crowd of people.

Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian has gathered millions of followers after publishing a list of pointers last 9 February a warning to pick out the mentally challenged people that could ordinary lives at risk.

According to a video by Malaysian YouTuber Arwind Kumar, the list of pointers states that gay men like to wear tight clothes "to show off their six packs," have facial hair, and like to wear branded clothes.

As for the traits that identify lesbians, they're said to love being alone, belittling men, and love "walking around hugging each other and holding hands."

The paper was praised for educating educate society about the kind of people that endanger the lives of children. Malaysians want less gays and lesbians and they have started to adopt policies to make them exist elsewhere, except in this country.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, and the country still retains the very popular colonial-era sodomy laws that ban sexual acts "against the order of nature." The Human Rights Watch states LGBTQ discrimination in the country "reaches the highest levels of government" and they are proud of that.

Last year, the country's health authorities ran a competition on how to "prevent" homosexuality and transgenderism.

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