Thursday, December 12, 2013

Travel Experts Hail Facebook

Facebook Travel
The International Luxury Travel Market, a gathering of high-end travel industry professionals, is taking place in Cannes through 5 December 2013. In a real-time survey during the event's opening forum last 4 December, some 1,000 tourism industry actors confirmed their confidence in Facebook as a customer relations tool.

Among the luxury travel professionals surveyed, 79 percent named Facebook as the best social network for engaging and interacting with their customers and promoting their brand values.

Lee McCabe, Global Head of Travel at Facebook, pointed out that "the average Facebook reach for a narrowly targeted campaign is 89 percent - a huge opportunity for travel businesses, considering Facebook's infinite memory, instant communication and processing power."

For hotel owners, tourist attractions and resorts, creating and maintaining a presence on social networks has become vital in recent years, offering a very affordable way to build buzz surrounding a brand and encourage customer loyalty.

Meanwhile for users, both the practical and vicarious aspects of travel are strong draws on social networks, particularly Facebook. According to The Daily Mail, a recent study of 3000 regular Facebook users showed that 42 percent of stories on those users' timelines were related to travel, while 51 percent of those surveyed chose 'holidays' as a one of their three favorite themes for posts. Meanwhile, a whopping 97 percent of the users surveyed use Facebook to get information, whether news or travel-related, while away on a trip.

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