Sunday, March 2, 2014

Google Defaults the New Map

Google's New Map
Google Maps is about to be updated and after just one year in preview, Google is rolling out the new program as a default option to all its users.

Everyone are already aware since last year that, even with the new version of Maps, users will still be able to switch between the two versions. However, starting today, Google will slowly switch everybody over to the new Google Maps. This roll-out will take a few weeks and users who dislike the new version will be able to switch back to the old one for the time being, though at some point, Google will likely turn off the old Maps.

When it was released, the new version Google announced last year was relatively basic, so until now, Google kept it as an option and didn’t move all users over to the new experience. It was still missing a number of important features, but Google also wanted to get it out at I/O 2013 to see where it still needed to tweak the service and how users would react to it.

Now, Google considers the new Google Maps on par with the original version in terms of features and is starting to push it out to all users worldwide.

From Google:
Over the coming weeks, the new Google Maps will make its way onto desktops around the world. Many of you have been previewing it since its debut last May, and thanks to your helpful feedback we’re ready to make the new Maps even more widely available.

It’s now even easier to plan your next trip, check live traffic conditions, discover what’s happening around town, and learn about a new area—with Pegman’s help if needed. Here’s a quick refresher on what to expect in the new Google Maps.
According to, new users will immediately notice the difference between the two versions. The new Google Maps does away with the old sidebar and puts the map front and center with a small white input box in the top left corner.

With regard to features, the biggest difference between the old and the new version of Maps, though, is that this new version is completely personalized for every user. It will mark places you’ve rated and draw subtle outlines from your current position to a place you select on the map, for example. It will also automatically highlight related places on the map when you select a restaurant, for example.

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