Friday, July 18, 2014

Marvel's Unpopular Comic-Book Curveballs

New Marvel Heroes
"If it ain't broke, do your best to break it." This appears to be the recent mantra of Marvel as it tries to alienate comic purist by changing the gender and race of two iconic superheroes, Captain America and Thor, respectively.

Captain America, that finely chiseled embodiment of American values, will be passing his shield onto long-time ally The Falcon, an African-American named Sam Wilson. Meanwhile, Thor would become "unworthy" of wielding his trusty hammer and his mantle would be taken up by a woman.

Since this is the Internet and everyone needs to have an opinion about everything, naturally there was backlash from fans and followers of "The Avengers" movie: a fiery backlash. Thousands of angry posts and sarcastic comments flooded social media platform at the way Marvel ignored the historical roots of characters deeply embedded in the consciousness of its fans.

One of the primary reasons cited for the major change was the lack of films fronted by females or persons of color (POC). So, Marvel took it upon itself to be the bringer of justice and took steps in changing the traditional comic book canon.

I'm not sure what were they thinking in their effort to "explore gender and race changes from an authentic perspective", but why not create a new freakin’ character for that purpose. Is that too hard to do given that there are thousands of superheroes already and there are no rules that say you cannot add another thousand to it.

If Marvel really wants more diversity and more ethnic characters in their super hero comics and movies, they don’t need to change the original material for sensationalistic reasons. All they have to do is integrate the Black Panther, Luke Cage or the Inhumans in "The Avengers" story lines or better yet give them their own movies.

Asgard is also teeming with powerful female characters, including Sif, Brunnhilde, Frigga and the Valkyries. Why not give them special attention? Are the "Shield Maidens" of Asgard not worthy to have their own comic book series because they lack interesting adventures and had to rely on their male counterparts to guide them in the ways of heroism?

The story says that Thor Odinson is still around, but he has just become unworthy of Mjölnir, leaving an opening for a woman to become God of Thunder. So why not insert the comic storyline against about the mortal who wields Thor's power and goes by the name of Eric Masterson?

Just like the changes they adopted on the story of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, Marvel is trying to "transcend racial divide through mainstream via internationally recognizable figures of comic lore." And they want all comic book collectors and fans to ignore all that we have learned so far and redefine our experience with Captain America, Thor and probably Iron Man.

If Marvel is truly going to make a character that represent and help identify with the Female population or the African-American culture, why not develop a dark-skinned heroine that emerges from the American ghetto and pound Islam’s criminal female infidels until they learn their place.

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