Thursday, June 11, 2015

FF4's Latest Trailer Failed Miserably

Fantastic Torch
As expected, 20th Century Fox superhero film this year is scared of losing to competition. With Marvel Studios’ "Avengers: Age of Ultron" already in the books and "Ant-Man" in the middle of its marketing push, Josh Trank’s "Fantastic Four" reboot faces a high benchmark to hurdle.

However, with major releases in the next few weeks, the release of the FF4 reboot had to be delayed, not once, but twice.

The film was first pushed back to 19 June 2015, to avoid competing with "Jurassic World" and "Terminator: Genysis." It was delayed a second time to 7 August 2015, moving the film again away from the heavier competition.

The twin postponement confirmed many suspicion that the rebooted version is a big disappointment that cannot strengthen the film’s standing with fans in the face of quality competition.

To stem the tide in their favor, the studio has unveiled a short promo video of Michael B. Jordan’s Human Torch in action, which seems to be counting down to the release date of the film. The twelve-second teaser ends with a burning Fantastic Four symbol that is replaced by '2 months' to start the countdown.

Unfortunately, the teaser itself is a big disappointing. It is just recycled footage of the character in action. There’s nothing new to ramp up excitement. Perhaps it would’ve been a stronger teaser if it had included the character’s iconic phrase: 'Flame on!'

Michael B. Jordan’s casting as the Human Torch is also a big disappointment. Despite the actor’s excitement to play the character and Fox putting their marketing dollars behind him, Jordan is just plain uncharismatic. He lacks the Johnny Storm bravado and confidence, which was clearly evident when Chris Evans was cast in that character.

Maybe one commenter’s post about the casting is true. A person going by the name "justiceleaguer" said:

”Michael B. Jordan wasn’t cast for primarily PC reasons, he was cast for the same reason much of the rest of the cast was: he’s best friends with the director. Naturally, the director casts his best friend as the most popular guy on the team. And then his best friend brought his buddy Miles Teller along….and the rest of the crappy cast took form.

It’s not political correctness. It’s nepotism.

And according to the filmmakers, if you don’t like nepotism, you’re a racist.

According to the filmmakers, you’re also a racist and a troll if you were expecting the Fantastic Four, or have any criticisms with the film whatsoever."

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