Friday, July 3, 2015

Stracynski's Thor Crushes Female Thor in Sales

Female Thor Crushed
Some pseudo-diversity sites are claiming that the new female Thor is outselling the previous male Thor by a mile. But the facts are very far from what they claimed.

Female Thor is actually selling quite a bit less copies than Stracynskis run of the same name. Some people want to compare "Thor" to "Thor: God of Thunder" (TgoT), but that is not an accurate comparison, Thor TgoT was never a main title Thor run, and comics titled Thor should duke it out against other titles named Thor. When Thor returned after disassembled he did so not under the title "The Mighty Thor", not under JITM, but under the title of "Thor", the exact same title as female Thor. The only issue is the 140,000 issue sales gap between them.

According to killraven4334, the self-titled male Thor run had zero publicity surrounding it, there were no appeals to a massive new audience, no backing from Oprah, just a bunch of loyal fans ready and waiting for Thor to finally show up and break Iron man in half, and boy he actually did.

Stracynskis from the start was everything a Thor fan could want and the numbers reflected it. Thor debuted harder and had far greater staying power than female Thor whose numbers dropped by 60,000 between issue one and two and bleed all the way down to a paltry 69,000, over 30,000 issues less than issue five of the male Thor run which had none of the publicity, buzz, or demographic pandering that female Thor has.

There are some assumptions and clarifications that killraven4334 wants to make first:
"Question: Why are you comparing female Thor to a run that happened from 07-09?

Answer: This run titled Thor, the subsequent run was a mighty Thor run followed by journey into mystery, the goal was an apples to apples comparison.

Question: There is a whole dollar price difference between female and male Thor how can this be an accurate comparison?

Answer: Thor v3 is still making more money, once you adjust for inflation. If you do not adjust for inflation the numbers are 1,769,548 dollars for Thor v3, and 1,801,748 dollars for Thor v4. However factoring in that 2.99 was worth 3.38 using which puts Thor v3 at 2,000,256 and the clear winner both in issues sold and profitably."

Stracynski Run issues 1-5 591,792 (totals for 1-5) Only displaying 1 and 5 for comparison purposes, feel free to fact check numbers are available online)

July 2007
1 Thor 1 US$ 2.99 Marvel 165,267

December 2007
5 Thor 5 US$ 2.99 Marvel 101,490

Female Thor Run 1-5 451,566

October 2014
3 Thor 1 US$ 3.99 Marvel 150,862

February 2015
11 Thor 5 US$ 3.99 Marvel 69,513

With all this in front of us, it becomes pretty clear that female Thor has been rejected by fans who would have bought the book if it had been written with respect for the character like the 07-09 run. For an 8 issue run, its momentum was sapped out on the first issue which was the only issue to break 100k and honestly that was likely Oprah buying them for all her fans.

This is why it is important to speak with your wallets comic fans, and if anyone tries to say that female thor is selling well, remind them that in comparison to the male Thor title they are blatantly wrong.

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