Friday, August 21, 2015

Crazy Woman Making Crazy Tantrums

Crazy Tantrum
Everyone will agree that getting dumped is never easy. A getting the message through a text message is the harshest way to do it.

However, the man who dumped the woman in the picture above probably did the right thing when he sent the "let's go our separate way" message because the woman is just plain crazy.

After receiving the message, the woman made a very public statement about how she felt at losing her man. Her meltdown in the middle of a street in Hong Kong has everything - and, naturally, someone was there to record the whole thing.

Screaming and shrieking as she lay down on the floor, concerned passers-by try to get her up and console her. But she is having none of it.

Her epic screaming session turned into an Olympic gym routine as she contorts and bends into the kind of shapes that would win a gold medal at any championship.

The 24-year-old remained on the ground for 90 minutes, refusing to budge for anyone who tried to move her.

At one point she was walked off by onlookers but she simply fell back to the floor again, screaming, natch.

When all other attempts failed, paramedics arrived and took her away on a stretcher.

If you were the boyfriend of this woman, would you send the message before boarding a plane or when you arrive at a place half way around the world?

One more thing: would Hillary Clinton do the same thing if Donald Trump beats her in the election?

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