Friday, August 28, 2015

Online Community Defends "Call Me Caitlyn" Costume

Caitlyn Costume
We know Halloween is a time to act like a kid again and there is a new costume this year that will definitely make the wearer the center of attention, and maybe even scare the living daylights out of every kid they encounter.

A "Call Me Caitlyn" costume inspired by Bruce Jenner's embarrassing Vanity Fair cover has surfaced on multiple online Halloween costume retailers. The costume includes a sash, wig, and padded top and, in pictures on the sites, is worn by a man, complete with stubble.

However, some political correctness (PC) advocates claim that it is offensive and was done in poor taste. They also alleged that many people are petitioning the retail stores not to support or sell it. Unfortunately, for these so-called PC police, their claims couldn't be further from the truth.

Online sites were hard-pressed to moderate thousands of comments from people all over the world defending the costume designer and manufacturer. They even pre-ordered several thousands already in time for the Halloween celebration. Below are some of their comments:


so a guy dressing up as a woman for Halloween is offensive ... but a guy getting plastic surgery to look like a woman is not ... lol"
Others also put the blame of this issue getting blown out of proportion to Bruce's Jenner's need to publicize his life.


Here's a thought. If you don't want to be well known and take the chance of having a costume made after you then DON"T HAVE A TV SHOW! Don't make it so public that we can't avoid you if we tried. They just keep shoving it down our throats. And guess what? Some people aren't ok with it. They don't get it, it's just weird. And that is NOT their fault! It's a natural, biological reaction to seeing a man dressed like a woman. So if they have to be ok with trans this and trans that then you have to be ok with them not liking it and ridiculing it. Works both ways."
Meanwhile, others just can't help to throw sarcastic remarks at the seemingly selective judgement of some PC police by ignoring what is considered as "offensive" to others as well.


Don't wear Native American costumes, it is offensive. Don't wear Bruce Jenner costumes, it is offensive. Don't wear Bill Cosby costume, it is offensive. Don't dress like a girl, it is offensive. Don't dress like a guy, it is offensive. Don't let your son dress like a girl for Halloween, it is gender questionable. Don't go as a bald man, it is offensive. Don't dress as anyone, it is offensive. Don't do anything remotely offensive ever. Because people don't know how to just live and let live and have fun with things in this wonderfully politically correct world. I mean, why would we want our children to dress as goblins or vampires or witches for Halloween, that may be offensive as well. Give me a freaking break. It is a costume. It is for one day. It is stupid that EVERYONE seems to be getting offended by EVERYTHING. Grow up people who are offended by life, it's LIFE. Bunch of babies."
There was also a consensus that some of those that promote the LGBT agenda are trying to make the country rigid with no sense of humor at all.


I think the TG community is ignoring the fact that men dressing up as women has always been a source of comedy for the public. Think of movie scenes, "Bosom Buddies", TV commercials (recent Doritos with a dad dressing up as a woman to be his daughter's playdate). Sports' teams and fraternities often have their rookies/new recruits dress in drag for a good laugh. To many people, men will always look hysterical and absurd wearing women's clothing. If TGs can manage to pass, particularly those who have hormone injections before puberty, then they can avoid the ridicule. However, large, hairy men with beards in delicate clothing is just too much for people to take seriously. I mean nice people too."
While others are just too plain angry on how some LGBT advocate ignored the more critical problems just to ensure that they can ram their despicable agenda on everyone who does not want to have anything to do with them at all.


Oh shut up already. F U and the "backlash" so to speak. This guy is nothing more than a celebrity cross-dresser who still has his manhood. This guy, and he is still a guy, didn't break down any barriers. This guy brought on all the publicity. What ticks me off is how much the death of that woman from the car crash got swept under the rug. This bowl of jello gets an ESPY Arthur Ashe Award for Courage for dressing in women's clothing. Has his own tv show. He come off like a circus clown. He didn't mind going through his life getting married multiple times and having kids. Having his image thrown out with that trash family he was associated with. There are bigger tragedies in this world than a friggin costume made after this guy."
Finally, there are those that does not believe that there was a adverse reaction to the costume at all.


What backlash? I think it is kind of funny. Jenner asked for the attention, and he can't turn it on or off when he feels like it. The jeannie is out of the bottle. If people are offended, blame Jenner - if he did not want to be on Vanity Fair and get a reality TV deal out of it, there wold be no "I am Cait" Halloween costume. Totally biased article.

For this Halloween my wife was going to have herself and a couple of girlfriends put on prarie dresses and put their hair in a bun and hang out with me (in jeans with a shirt buttoned up to the collar) and dress up as polygamists for Halloween - should I worry about offending someone? Will the PC police come after me?"

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