Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Controversy Behind Girl Band "Fourth Power"

Fourth Power
Filipinos are in the international scene again, but not really in a good way it seems.

A few days ago, a Filipino girlband Fourth Power wowed the X-Factor judges with their shock rendition of Jessie J’s ‘Bang Bang’.

The four Filipino sisters were introduced by the show as super shy amateurs who practiced their techniques at home. That’s their cover story.

However, viewers were shocked when it broke that the girls are actually professional musicians and have appeared on and won a series of talent contests already - and even have records available to buy on Amazon. This is really embarrassing!

The girls met with show bosses before they auditioned in front of Cheryl, Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw, and Simon Cowell, and told them all of the details of their glittering careers.

A source told The Mirror: "Producers were well aware who the girls were before they arrived in front of the judges - so it was no surprise that they were fantastic on the show.

"Executives looked at everything they had done before and discussed them at length before making the decision to invite them back and make them a big part of the launch show.

"Obviously they were exactly what had been expected."

The good news is that the judges were left totally in the dark about the girls' talents so their shocked and amazed reaction towards their audition was completely genuine.

The insider added: "But the judges had not been told what was coming, to ensure their ­reaction was as strong and completely natural as it could be."

At least something is sacred, eh?

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