Friday, October 23, 2015

Is Yahoo! Bias in Reporting?

Yahoo Narrative
After Yahoo! Inc. was founded in the mid-1990s, the company has grown to develop and support numerous products and services for customers worldwide. The company has dominated the online business with its variety of Yahoo! offerings, including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! search engine.

However, one feature that is enduring the loudest protests from users for a wide variety of reasons, including religious and conservative countries, is the Yahoo! Stories.

As has been widely reported, a relentless and vocal group of Yahoo! users have been complaining vociferously after Yahoo continue to promote the liberal views such as the lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) agenda, the race card and the benefit accorded to illegal immigrants.

According to those several prominent bloggers, Yahoo! seems to be intent on generate news about LGBT rather than reporting it. The more outlandish, shocking, perverted, horrific act is being portrayed as common, widespread and prevalent. The sad part is the vast number of gullible people that aren't able to think for themselves and count on Yahoo! to form their moral, social, political ideas.

Bloggers are already familiar with the following posts which clearly summarize what the current generation is learning from all the Yahoo! propaganda:

”Men can be women and women can be men, black people are oppressed, only whites can be racist and they owe every other race, there's a war on women, global warming is your fault and now you're going to pay for it, big government is the answer to everything, there is no God, homosexuality is just as normal or even superior to heterosexuality, illegal immigrants have just as many rights as a U.S. citizen, strict gun control, every culture is equal to every other culture, moral relativism (nothing is innately right or wrong,) men are inferior to women, feelings are more important than the truth, socialism is better than freedom, collectivism is better than individuality, forced multiculturalism and diversity are somehow good for society, gender is a social construct and to hate everything else about America. It's nothing but social engineering through mass propaganda, but the weak minded lemmings drink it like Kool-Aid.”
Another post is more direct in its reference to Yahoo! stories:
” If it wasn't for Yahoo I wouldn't know that homosexuality is on par with or even superior to heterosexuality, that white people are the root of all evil, that all black people are severely oppressed and that ONLY white people can be racists, that a man can turn into a woman as long as they "feel" like a woman, that women are treated like third class citizens in America, that illegal immigrants should have just as many rights as an American citizen, that global warming is my fault, that all cops are racists and all criminals are innocent victims, that Jon Stewart is right about everything, that BeyoncĂ© is the greatest entertainer in the history of the universe, that anyone who believes in the constitution is evil and that all Democrats are saints, that the Kardashians are American royalty, that men and women are the exact same except for our sexual organs and to say otherwise is sexist, that Christianity is evil but Islam is the religion of peace, that believing in a higher power is childish, that all cultures are really the same, that firearms should be abolished because the police will protect everybody, that forced multiculturalism and diversity are somehow great for society, that government is going to fix all our problems, that socialism is better than freedom, that fat women are sexy, that fast food workers should make at least $15 bucks per hour, that women should be able to breastfeed anywhere/anytime they like without a blanket, that using spel check/eeditor isn't nessacary, that I'm supposed to find Lena Dunham attractive, that being the child/spouse of a celebrity automatically makes you a celebrity for some reason, that I should staunchly support same sex marriage, that Hillary Clinton will replace Barrack Obama as the greatest leader in the history of the world, and whatever else I forgot. Thanks again Yahoo!”
What is consistent are two things: Yahoo! is clearly not open in taking the side of the conservatives and they have been woefully negligent in informing its users about the different sides of a problem.

To be clear, other Internet sites have done this kind of thing in the past — not transparent on what they are trying to push down everyone’s throat. And, to be fair, bloggers have already branded Yahoo! as a liberal talking machine and they have not denied it in any way.

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