Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why The Black Stormtrooper Is Such A Big Deal?

Less than three weeks before "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" theatrical debut and many are wondering that there are still some people not convinced to try and watch one of the greatest movie series of all time.

One argument says that it is because writer/director J.J. Abrams a "black Stormtrooper" and made John Boyega a major character in the movie. This controversy, however, is more than the mere racist preference, but appears to be related to the Star Wars original story itself.

Based on several online comments, no one is really mad that there is a black storm trooper. What they are upset about is that Disney announced that they are disbanding all existing Star Wars canon. And under that context, Star wars purist abhor that they can indeed do whatever they want, and made it clear to everyone that the last several decades of content just, doesn't count, and needs to be forgotten.

The issue someone would have about there being a black storm trooper is not that he is black, it is that the Empire is xenophobic, it is sort of their thing. It's part of being evil and involves isolationism and exclusiveness under-tones. It's why everyone rarely even saw an alien that worked for the Empire unless they were a puppet head of state type.

So, this is also why the movie has the conventional British colonial dialects and Caucasian European troopers. And least everybody forgets, there was the "Clone Wars," where the Empire produces the same guy over and over. Did the studio threw that one too, and say this new generation is just concerned citizens that sign up?

If they Disney really wanted to do this ... they could have Boyega play a black rebel, who pretends to be a storm trooper (much like they did in the first triology). That would totally make sense, and be a nod to the series. Especially since it seems Abrams is hell bent on milking every little thing like that he could with "Star Trek," it seems ... strange, he would not only ignore this obvious method, but change the very core concept of the Empire.

But why? Was it essential to the plot? Could no one ever fill this roll? Nope. That character never existed in the book series, he is in essence the Jar Jar Binks of this next film.

So, when someone says that someone is upset about a black stromtrooper, they aren't mad about the trooper, they are mad that Abrams didn't do his homework, or even his job, and now he wants to say F U fans .. sorry ... but F U .. that is his response because he knows that Disney spent a lot on marketing this franchise.

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