Saturday, March 5, 2016

OneDrive Downsizing Free Plan

Microsoft OneDrive
For all Microsoft One Drive user, consider this a warning. Within two weeks, the company will be downsizing its cloud storage options, reducing the free plan from 15 GB to 5 GB and dropping the unlimited tier altogether.

Putting it lightly, subscribers were unhappy with the company’s behavior. Not long after releasing the critical success that was Windows 10, loyalists were burnt once again by Microsoft in a shallow attempt to maximize profits.

Little over a month later, Microsoft went back on its plans, to a degree, allowing free subscribers to opt out of the 10 GB decline and offering a full refund for paid users. For those of getting by with 15 GB, however, they now have only 10 days left until their chance to avoid this concession begins to expire.

All of this are posted at the OneDrive bonus website, which clarifies in fine print at the bottom that the offer "must be redeemed by 31 January 2016" and that a Microsoft account is, as expected, required to keep the free storage.

Back when the OneDrive cutbacks were originally revealed, Microsoft CVP Chris Capossela explained that they were necessary, but that communication was "handled badly" and "rushed" because of a major publication planning to tarnish the company’s reputation with "something that was very damaging, and was not true."

Microsoft originally claimed that its OneDrive cutbacks the result of a handful of users exceeding 75TB worth of backups on their accounts. The company proceeded to defend its decision by declaring a "pursuit of productivity and collaboration."

Act now, or forever lose your space.

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