Monday, April 25, 2016

"Wonder Woman" Movie Will Reveal Her Origin

Wonder Woman Set Photos
Many were disappointed with the epic superhero showdown in "Batman v Superman," but there was one surprising redemption: Wonder Woman. Even as early as the first trailer, viewers were excited about the chance to see the Amazon princess on the big screen at last. Then, after witnessing her in action in the film, fans were left clamoring for even more of the warrior princess.

Well, those viewers are in luck because a solo Wonder Woman film is the process of filming for release in 2017. Directed by Patty Jenkins ("Monster") from a screenplay by Jason Fuchs ("Pan"), Gal Gadot returns to fill that leather outfit, alongside Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Lucy Davis as Diana's best friend Etta Candy, Connie Nielsen as Diana’s mother Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright as Diana's aunt General Antiope and Lisa Loven Kongsli as Antiope’s lieutenant Menalippe.

The "Wonder Woman" standalone film is said to be an origin story that will follow the transformation of a young Princess Diana into her alter ego Diana Prince and finally into Wonder Woman.

It will take fans from her humble beginnings on Themiscyra to her life during World War I and possibly even beyond. In doing so, we’ll get to meet the tribe of warrior women named the Amazons, native to Themiscyra (a.k.a. Paradise Island). Chief among them is Queen Hippolyta, who is also Princess Diana's mother.

In the comics, Hippolyta is usually dark-haired just like her famous daughter. Yet more recently in the New 52 relaunch she has become more youthful and blonde. Taking a page from their continuity, the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film seems to have decided to keep Hippolyta’s edgy new status.

As seen in the set photos released in social networking sites, the queen and horse's armor are quite a sight to behold, decked out in gold with an air of royalty. The horse in particular seems to be almost glowing white, giving it an otherworldly quality. Many previously seen a promotional cast photo of all the Amazon women, but it didn't do Queen Hippolyta’s full costume justice.

Principal photography should be wrapping up in Marina di Camerota, Italy. That may be a wrap for "Wonder Woman," especially since "Justice League Part One" is gearing up to begin production. It's right back to work for Gadot as she joins her fellow superheroes at Leavesden Studios in London, then Iceland and Scotland for the following film in Warner Bros. Pictures' DC Extended Universe slate.

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