Monday, May 30, 2016

Amazon Shooting Down Refund Policies

Amazon Refund Policy
Amazon provides convenience to shoppers and allow them to save money on certain items. However, there was one report that suggests the site is cracking down on one trick shoppers had used to save cash, even after the purchase was over.

According to Recode, if a shopper bought an item on Amazon, and then the price dropped within seven days, they used to be able to contact customer service and get a partial refund for the amount the price fell. But apparently, that strategy no longer works, unless they are buying a television.

A spokesperson for Amazon told Yahoo! Style that the refund policy was always limited to televisions, and that anyone else who received a partial refund was given an exception to the rule.

However, a quick test shows that Amazon isn't granting those exceptions anymore. Customers on Reddit noticed the change and complained that customer service reps are now claiming the "exception" never existed in the first place, even though they successfully got refunds all the time.

Amazon's website now reads:
" consistently works toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry and will match the price of other retailers for some items. will price match eligible purchases of televisions with select other retailers. For all other items, doesn't offer price matching."
The change might be because there are apps out there like Earny and Paribus that alert shoppers if a price has dropped and automatically request refunds on Amazon. But in order to use these apps, shoppers have to hand over their Amazon login information, which Amazon discourages for security reasons.

According to PC Magazine, Amazon's supposed policy change will definitely hurt apps like Earny and Paribus, since more than half their users request refunds on Amazon, but if they are interested in getting refunds elsewhere, these apps are still good bets.

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