Thursday, May 19, 2016

One Spanish Soccer Team Is Muscling Its Way

Muscle Uniforms
There is no doubt that one Spanish soccer team is causing a bit of an Internet uproar over its new uniform design.

Last 12 May, Club Deportivo Palencia BalompiĆ© — a third division team from Palencia, in the northwest of Spain — revealed its redesigned jerseys, featuring (relatively) anatomically correct muscles and tendons. The on-field players’ jerseys are mainly shades of red, while the goalkeeper’s version is purple.

Created by Italian sportswear brand Kappa, the Spanish media has named it "the most shocking kit in the history of football."

International press has been less kind, with the Telegraph dubbing the uniforms as "headache inducing" and an "assault on [the] eyes" and Mashable questioning whether their aim is to "distract" and "terrify."

According to the Telegraph, the creepy new uniform will be worn by CD Palencia during the upcoming playoffs, which will determine which third division team will be escalated to the Segunda B division.

Despite knowing absolutely nothing about Spain's soccer league, there is a general agreement that there is now a great chance for CD Palencia in muscling their rivals out for the victory.

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