Thursday, July 14, 2016

Is Facebook Playing Double Standards?

All Lives Matter
When the picture below was posted on a "Black Panther Party of Mississippi" Facebook page, which was frequented by the Dallas shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, it was immediately reported to the social network by a concerned user. But Facebook refused to take the image down.

In a response to the user, Facebook said the picture did not violate their policies. "We reviewed the post you reported for promoting graphic violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards" said the social network in their reply.

Facebook claim that they do not have a blanket ban on violent images, as they are sometimes used in news reporting. However, its community standards do prohibit images that are shared for "sadistic pleasure or to celebrate or glorify violence."


According to the Daily Mail, Dallas shooter and black supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson posted to the same Facebook page several times before his deadly attacks in Texas.
"Why do so many whites (not all) enjoy killing and participating in the death of innocent beings," he wrote above a video of what appeared to be people participating in a whale-killing.

In the disjointed July 2 post, Johnson expressed anger over lynchings of black people and ‘our ancestors’ being beaten, mutilated and killed.

"Then they all stand around and smile while their picture is taken with a hung, burned and brutalized black person,’Johnson, 25, wrote.

"They even go to our homeland and shoot our endangered wildlife for sport."
Facebook even had the gall to allow the creation of a fan page dedicated to the despicable actions of Johnson to be set up following the Dallas shootings. Since it was set up a few days ago, the page accumulated over 600 "likes" from users in just three hours. It now stands at over 1,350 "likes."

Everybody now knows where Facebook stand when it comes to crimes against cops.

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