Saturday, July 2, 2016

Low-Priced Kindle is Better and Slimmer

Amazon is currently refreshing its entry-level US$ 79.99 Kindle e-reader with a thinner and lighter design and double the amount of memory, the company announced last 22 June. The new model is available now for pre-order and will be launching on 7 July.

The updated e-reader will include 512MB of memory compared to the previous version's 256MB. It will also be the first Kindle with Bluetooth audio support. This means visually impaired Kindle owners will be able to connect their e-reader to headphones or a speaker via Bluetooth to have content read out loud without needing an adapter.

Amazon is also making it easier to export notes and highlights from a book by adding the option to send such excerpts as a PDF and a spreadsheet file. This capability will be coming as a software update in the coming weeks.

Amazon’s most affordable Kindle remains otherwise unchanged for the most part. The most noticeable difference between the US$ 80 model and its more expensive siblings its lack of a built-in light for its screen. Other, pricier Kindles, like the US$ 199.99 Voyage and US$ 289.99 Oasis, also feature controls alongside the screen for turning pages.

Amazon is also now offering the US$ 119.99 Paperwhite version, which Amazon says is its most popular Kindle, in a white color option in addition to black.

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