Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Angry and Old Passenger Gets Owned

Funny Passenger
Anywhere in the world, public transportation is probably the least glamorous way to commute. Most of them are either dilapidated or crowded, but sometimes they are also fun to in one of them. Passengers get to see and meet people from all walks of life and every so often they are treated with quite a show.

One such hilarious incident occurred a few years ago in New York, when an old woman freaked out because a handicapped passenger took a bit longer to enter the bus. She was so annoying that it compelled one passenger to to engage her in a funny exchange of blistering insults.

A male passenger had enough of her complaints and stood up for the other passengers' and the driver's defense, while somebody was smart enough to record the verbal conflict between him and the lady.

That woman got served and everyone is loving this guy. He is definitely late for work as well, but at least he has some humanity left and a great sense of humor. Check out the video below, which continues to become viral:

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