Tuesday, November 1, 2016

End-To-End Encryption for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger
Facebook announced a few months ago that it is adding to its Messenger app an option for encrypted chats that can only be read on devices where they are sent or received. This means that users also will now be able to set a timer to control how long the message remains visible to anyone.

The "secret conversations," feature, which is optional, does not work across different devices. So even if a person has Messenger on a phone and on a computer, the conversation will be visible on only one device.

According to Bustle, this new feature will ensure that for each message the Facebook Messenger App would restrict each person to one device and the end-to-end encryption would only work for the Android and iOS apps, not the desktop or web versions of Messenger. Facebook explained on a blog post that some of the more visual aspects of the Messenger app will not be available with the encrypted feature.

Secret conversations currently do not support popular Messenger features such as rich content, videos and GIFs or making payments. The encrypted messages would be inaccessible to members of law enforcement or to anyone at Facebook.

According to Inquisitr, messages may even be set up with a timer to users eventually disappears after being sent.

According to TechWorm, Facebook's Messenger application is not the first to introduce end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, introduced a similar feature for all methods of communication on that platform, including texts, calls, photos and videos.

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