Monday, December 26, 2016

Businesses and Microsoft Pushing for Hybrid Cloud

Hans Hermida
Filipino visionaries and leaders with business acumen are already making firm steps towards transforming their approaches to complement their organization’s digital transformation requirements, according to a survey conducted by Microsoft in the Asia Pacific region.

Despite the burden of managing legacy IT infrastructure, the survey found that 38 percent of business leaders in the country are prioritizing hybrid cloud over public only or private only cloud solutions for their organizations in the near future.

According to the report from, these are some of the key findings in the Microsoft Asia Pacific survey of 1,200 IT department leaders. It was conducted across 12 markets in order to understand how they are evolving their IT infrastructure strategies to meet the needs of a digital business.

Digital Transformation is now more than ever – an important business decision

The next few years will be critical to enterprise decision makers as they execute on plans for a transition to a modern cloud-based IT infrastructure needed to serve their digital business needs. According to IDC, 60 percent of top 1,000 Asia Pacific organizations will have a digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy by the end of 2017.

IT department leaders within these businesses are constantly struggling to balance legacy IT needs, budget demands and the need to modernize to meet the demands for a digital future.

The survey found that currently, 31 percent of respondents in the Philippines are already on the hybrid cloud journey which is expected to increase to 46 percent in the next 12 – 18 months. Forty-five percent are still only using private cloud and 15 percent are using purely public cloud solutions.

The study showed that respondents are not likely to increase their investments in private or public only cloud solutions, reinforcing the demand for a more integrated, hybrid approach.

In a fast-growing consumer-demand driven economy like the Philippines, businesses need to have the latest digital tools to keep up with that demand or else get eaten up by competition. But what about the opportunity costs in additional investment and time required for digital transformation?

Adopting the hybrid cloud study is then the best option in looking to take advantage of modern cloud computing capabilities while continuing to manage their traditional assets.

Of the 46% of IT department leaders prioritizing the hybrid cloud, 8 out of 10 said they would prioritize an integrated hybrid cloud, with common management tools across both public and private cloud.

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