Friday, December 16, 2016

Microsoft Surface Ads Sent A Clear Message

Microsoft Surface 4
It was clear from the recent Microsoft Surface commercials who they are setting their sights against: Apple Mac. And it appears that they are succeeding.

The software giant claims that November was the "best month ever for consumer Surface sales," following a number of Black Friday deals on the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft still isn't providing sales numbers, but the company claims "more people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever before."

Microsoft cites "the disappointment of the new MacBook Pro" and its trade-in program for MacBooks for tempting people to switch to Surface. Again, Microsoft refuses to provide numbers but vaguely claims "our trade-in program for MacBooks was our best ever."

The Surface Pro 4 was announced on 6 October 2015 alongside the Surface Book. Both devices were available for a pre-order the following day. The device initially exhibited failure to sleep properly, which drained the battery very quickly. Microsoft subsequently developed a fix that was made available on 17 February 2016.

The Surface Pro 4 is the same size as the Surface Pro 3, but has a thinner screen bezel which allows for a display of a slightly greater size of 12.3 inches (31 cm). The screen resolution is also greater than the Surface Pro 3's, at 2736x1824 at 267 PPI, with the same aspect ratio of 3:2 and 10-point multi-touch. The chassis is 0.03 inches (0.76 mm) thinner and 0.03 pounds (14 g) lighter than the Surface Pro 3.

Alongside the Surface sales, Microsoft is also expanding on the availability of the new Surface Book with Performance Base. The most powerful Surface Book is now available in Australia and New Zealand, and will arrive in Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, and the UK early next quarter. Microsoft isn’t providing and sales guidance for its Surface Studio, or any news on when the all-in-one PC will be available outside the US.

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