Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Beer-Belly Or A Pregnant Male Mannequin?

There was one department store in the United States that is evolving to include more realistic unhealthy looking male mannequins ... or it's simply the fat butt (or should we say belly?) of a hilarious joke.

A few days ago, Reddit user wasak1 stumbled upon a surprising department store mannequin and posted a pic of it. The statue is in the men’s section and has a bulging gut. The user titled the post, "Finally making realistic mannequins in the men’s department?!"

Nobody is certain if it was intentional to include a fat male mannequin of somebody pulled out a stunt and stuffed the shirt for a laugh. "Now I know why inventory was off in my department by two pillows," a follower wrote. Some commenters even speculates that it was a women's maternity mannequin in sheep's clothing.

The beer-bellied model with skinny legs is dressed in long black shorts and a plaid shirt and is propped up near similar men’s clothing.

Other followers made fun of the crazy feature of the mannequin. One wrote, "If a woman can't handle my curves, she can move on." No one has argued yet that — if this is for real — it could promote poor health.

With the rising cost of health insurance and increasing mortality rate of obese and unhealthy bodies, it does not make sense to have a mannequin like this. What do you think?

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