Friday, January 20, 2017

As Trump Promised, Jobs Are Going Back To The U.S.

Jeff Bezos
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has not yet officially assumed office, but this early his job promises during the campaign period is already getting a big boost.

Last 12 January, Amazon said in a press release that it would create 100,000 full-time, full-benefit jobs in the US over the next 18 months. The company says these jobs will range from engineering and software development to entry-level fulfillment center positions. Amazon currently employs about 180,000 people in the US.

Notably, this announcement of adding jobs in the US follows commentary from the company last year that in 2016, Amazon would add 26 new fulfillment centers in the US. In its release, Amazon said, "many of the roles will be in new fulfillment centers that have been announced over the past several months."

The company is, then, in essence re-announcing jobs it had already said it would create, which is the easiest way for a company to keep Donald Trump off its back in 2017.

"These jobs are not just in our Seattle headquarters or in Silicon Valley — they’re in our customer service network, fulfillment centers and other facilities in local communities throughout the country," said Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO.

"We plan to add another 100,000 new Amazonians across the company over the next 18 months as we open new fulfillment centers, and continue to invent in areas like cloud technology, machine learning, and advanced logistics."

Amazon’s announcement does not mention Trump by name, but Bezos and Trump have history and in the wake of Trump’s sporadic attacks on companies since the election, it seems Bezos wanted to get ahead of the curve.

Both Trump and Bezos were critical to each other during the campaign, but after the election Bezos congratulated Trump on Twitter, writing that, "I for one give him my most open mind and wish him great success in his service to the country."

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