Friday, March 17, 2017

Some of the Insider Programs of Windows 10

Windows 10 Insider Programs
Reports from Aaron Cassara of Digital Trends revealed that Microsoft rolled out a new Windows Insider build to users on the Slow Ring last 8 March — the first of 2017. This is a huge update for Slow Ring users, bringing them all the way from last year's Build 14986 to the latest Fast Ring update, Build 15048.

To be clear, the latest Slow Ring build is really just a compilation of every Fast Ring build since late 2016. As such, each Fast Ring build brings to the table its own new features. So Cassara broke them down, on a build-by-build basis. Not all are featured here.

Build 15048
From Build 15048 you can expect a world of excitement, with thrills around every corner! Assuming, of course, that bug fixes are really exciting for you, in which case users are in for a real treat. If not, well, they should get this update anyway because it fixes a ton of bugs — and that is about all it does.

More specifically, Build 15048 tackles dozens of specific bugs reported through the Feedback Hub. For instance, the LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge should now work properly, and URLs pasted to and from the address bar will now correctly convert and handle spaces. Further, Cortana search results will now correctly open when using the Microsoft Pinyin IME.

Build 15046
Build 15046 introduces a few new features, but as Microsoft prepares for the launch of the Creators Update later this year, what Cassara saw is a lot of house cleaning. According to Microsoft, this build attempts to refine the look and feel of the upcoming Creators Update based on user feedback.

Perhaps the biggest change in this build is a feature Mac users will be familiar with — application installation control. In the settings menu under Apps & features, they will now be able to limit their PC to apps from the Windows Store or make sure their PC warns them when they are installing an app from an outside publisher.

It's minor, but it's a good security measure for shared computers and reminds users when they are about to install an app from an unverified source.

Speaking of security, Windows Defender also received a small update. Now the Windows Defender icon in the taskbar will let users know if they are protected, unprotected, or have any security issues with the addition of a little badge on top of the white shield icon.

Build 15042
Build 15042 is all about bug fixes. There are a couple new features but for the most part, this build capitalizes on the feedback the development team received from the last Bug Bash.

Cortana has a new animation! It’s a bit blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, but it’s there. See? She breathes in and out while dutifully awaiting commands.

Additionally, a feature introduced to Microsoft Edge in a previous Insider build is getting a bit of a rework. Edge's click-to-run feature, which stops Adobe Flash content from auto-playing, will now receive an alternative version — prompt-to-run. Edge will still halt Flash content from running without the user's consent, but now it will pop up a dialog box, and then tuck itself away into a puzzle-piece-shaped icon on the address bar.

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