Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Facebook COO Has Important Message to Marketers

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg
The chief operating officer of the world's dominant social network did not show up in person at the Viva Technology conference last 16 June, but Sheryl Sandberg has a very important and useful message delivered during her video chat.

After a brief technical interruption, the Facebook COO appeared above her interviewer, Maurice Lévy.

Sandberg, speaking from Facebook's offices while sipping a cup of coffee, fielded questions from Lévy, until recently the CEO of Viva Tech co-host Publicis Groupe, with amazing aplomb.

She never wandered off message and rarely let an "uh" slip. And attendees watching with an interest in advertising on Facebook—spoiler alert: Sandberg wants marketers to do just that — would have come away with useful advice.

It made sense that when speaking via video to a marketing executive, Sandberg spent so much time discussing video ads. They benefit from Facebook’s massive scale—she called its rapid growth "the fastest adoption of a communications technology the world has ever known" — and its near-ubiquity on mobile devices.

But anybody can still screw them up. Sandberg offered two tips that too many advertisers don’t seem to grasp.

One is to assume a distracted audience.

"You need to put your key point up front, in the first two to three seconds," she said. "They need to work with the sound on or off."

The other is not to recycle — don’t throw an ad cut for TV on Facebook. "You want to create natively," Sandberg advised.

Do those things right, she emphasized, and the marketer can reach an audience of unparalleled scale: "There has never been a better time to be a marketer."

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