Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sexy and Hot Outfit Propelled "Wonder Woman" To The Top

Sexy And Hot Amazonians
Last weekend, Warner Bros.' "Wonder Woman" defied expectations to take US$ 100.5 million in the United States, £6.18 million in the UK and US$ 222 million worldwide, a record for a female-directed film and the sixth highest non-sequel superhero debut ever.

With a budget of US$ 150 million, "Wonder Woman" is also the costliest film ever directed by a woman. Just a few weeks ago there were reports that the studio was under-marketing the film, expecting – and also guaranteeing – a poor box-office performance. Thankfully, with its success a few obvious facts are beginning to show.

Wonder Woman, also knows as Diana Prince, may have been portrayed as a feminist icon in the 1940s, but she is definitely a highly sexual character. It helped a lot that it features a sword-wielding Gal Gadot in knee-high boots and a metal bodice, which is every man's fantasy.

Wonder Woman was a character created by a man and put in an outfit to titillate readers. Male audiences likes to see warrior woman wearing a strapless corset that allow more movement with a possibility that their breasts threaten to fall out at any moment. And women like to be objects of male desires as well.

Wonder Woman’s box-office shows that if you build something for women, they will come as well – to the tune of 52 per cent of the audience. Women like to don the sexy costume for the guys, as long as the woman inside it feels like a character.

Superhero women are a product of what both women and men define as sexy and ideal, slim and large breasted, so their costumes try to show that off as much as possible.

In her latest interview with the LA Times, Director Patty Jenkins explained the practicality of skimpy costume — which hits the head of the nail.

"I get frustrated by people who think that they're defending [Wonder Woman] by trying to make her lesser. When people get super critical about her outfit, who's the one getting crazy about what a woman wears? That's who she is; that's Wonder Woman. I want her to look like my childhood fantasy."
To rankle the feminist nerves once again, male audiences are already hooting to see the next hot superhero on screen, Captain Marvel.

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