Monday, August 7, 2017

How MAD Magazine Look At Wonder Woman

Mad Look at WW
"Wonder Woman" may now be considered as the undisputed queen of the 2017 summer movie season — with a US$ 390.6 million domestic haul (and still going, believe it or not). The movie just passed "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" to become the second-biggest smash of the entire year. The top was "Beauty and the Beast".

The fame means Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot's origin story for DC Comics' Amazonian princess isn't just a reasonably successful venture; it's an all-out pop-culture phenomenon. Which, in turn, means that it’s ripe for parody. Enter, Mad magazine!

In the upcoming issue of the famed comedic publication — available on newsstands on 8 August — Wonder Woman receives the honor of being poked fun at by writer-artist Sergio Aragonés. That comes first via a giant spread that lays out the insanity of the German invasion of Wonder Woman’s home island of Themyscira.

The ensuing large-scale beach skirmish (shown above) is reimagined as a comedy of warfare errors, replete with soldiers screaming, crying and trying to make love instead of war, an infantryman opting to paint the chaos around him, a young child building sand castles amidst the fighting, and Aragonés himself fleeing the scene after a few too many arrows land on his drawing table.

(Here is a high-res version of the spread.)

Then, following the six-panel strip at the bottom of the above spread (which concerns Steve Trevor’s delayed attempts to steal Isabel Maru’s valuable chemical notebook), Mad has more fun spoofing Diana’s heroic quest through a series of subsequent strips.

From the sight of her first getting the idea for an invisible jet (which was'’t included in Jenkins’s film) and dissuading Rogers's romantic interests with a swift punch to the eye, to an unexpected run-in with another famous wall-crawler, Mad does what it does best — mock popular pop-culture works in a loving, tongue-in-cheek manner.

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